Schooling in India |

Schooling in India

Choosing a school that is just right for your child and their needs is an important decision as the schools in India are different

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12 March 2017

Last updated on 19 January 2020
Schooling in India
While it can be incredibly exciting relocating yourself and your family to a new and exotic country in the knowledge that you will be able to start your life from fresh, there are still certain matters such as the education of your children that may require a little care, attention and research. It’s no surprise that India’s growing economy and success in the realm of technology can be accredited to its strong emphasis on education. Choosing a school that is just right for your child and their needs is an important decision as in India the curriculum, teaching facilities and school environments can differ greatly. It’s important when considering where to send your child that you are able to marry your expectations with your financial situation. India has a school for everyone, so if you’re looking to send your child to school after your move to India, you will certainly be able to find the right solution for your family. There is also the added possibility of being able to speak to an expat expert who is able to shed some light from a personal perspective having sent children to schools in India themselves, or use our extensive school search tool to help you find the perfect school.
Schooling in India

International Schools in India

International schools are great for expats who would like their children to continue with the curriculum they are used to at home. It’s also beneficial in many ways that expat children are able to maintain their English language skills as the primary teaching language is English. The most popular international curriculums offered in India are IGCSE, PYP-IB and IB diploma. Some consulate schools offer their own country curriculum like the French, Canadian and American.
Both British and American international schools run by the respective embassies are hugely popular with expats there are many good international schools in the cities with a huge number of expat population. These schools cater mainly to students who are not nationals of the host country, such as the children of the staff of international corporations, foreign embassies. Many local students attend these schools and it provides an environment for cultural integration.
While international schooling in India is one of the more expensive ways of educating your children, it does ensure your child or children receive an exceptionally high standard of education, which is a great investment into their future. It is also advisable to enquire as to the possibility of including a school fee allowance in the package of your new job in India.
Expats moving to India will find no shortage of international schools. However, with such a large expat community in the cities, new arrivals need assistance in selecting a school best suited for them and to secure a place for their child at the desired school.

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Private Schools in India

Indian private schools have a good reputation and the standard of education is competitive, meaning your child will be able to achieve and perform to the absolute best of their abilities. While international students are not always accustomed to the level of testing practiced in private school, many students do benefit from learning in a widely multicultural environment. It’s also a great option for families who plan on staying in India in the long term as children have the added opportunity of integrating into Indian society and lifestyle, while also maintaining a high standard of education too.

Public Schools in India

Public schools in India on the whole are unlikely to meet the standards set by most expats. Class sizes are predominantly larger than we consider as being the norm and while some schools in India teach English, not all do, which may make the language barrier an issue.
Enrolling your child in a school overseas can be daunting so to put your mind at ease and add some peace of mind to the entire moving process, why not contact our team, who will happily look into the best possible choice for you and your family.
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