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Must-Buy Items For Your Home When New in Dubai

We assure you, these items will come in handy while living here

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16 June 2019

Last updated on 19 January 2020
Items to buy when moving to and new in Dubai

New in or moving to Dubai soon? These items will surely be useful when you move into your first place.

If you're fresh in Dubai, the mixture of excitement and fear probably have you feeling overwhelmed after landing in a brand new place.

You no doubt have questions like what bank should you use? When will you get your residency visa? Where's the nearest grocery store? Where's the bar!? More importantly, where will you be living?

Many expatriates, who have moved here with a sponsor, may move into serviced accommodation or a hotel for a short period of time whilst they find a suitable apartment or villa to rent. Alternatively, you may be living with friends or family before you find your new home.

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Whatever your circumstance, you will inevitably be moving into your new rental sooner rather than later, and as a result - you'll be shopping.

Besides the obvious cutlery, pots and pans, furniture, rug, etc., there are a few select items that can prove very useful whilst living in Dubai. We've gathered our list of the must-have items to buy when you're new in or moving to Dubai to get you started.

1. Air purifier

Some may disagree with this as #1, but we would argue that yes, an air purifier is a must-have when moving into your Dubai home. Why? Because of air-conditioning.

A lot of units across the emirates will have seen several tenants over the years, leaving air-conditioning units aged and dirty. In this environment, experts recommend having your A/C systems cleaned annually - ideally before summer. As a result, we'd first recommend you speaking to your landlord to clarify when the A/C was last cleaned. If it wasn't recently, request it be done so quickly.

After this, buy an air purifier... Sitting around all day in A/C isn't exactly great for our health, and having one in your home help to reduces concentrations of pollutants in your home.

Must-have items when moving to Dubai

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2. A water dispenser

We all know that plastic is TERRIBLE for the planet. Which is why, when first moving into your Dubai apartment we would recommend you explore whether you can have a water filter installed.

If this isn't possible, a water dispenser is your next best option. This will help reduce the number of water bottles you use at home, and will also ensure that you have access to hot, cold and room temperature water at all times.

Must-have items when moving to Dubai

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3. A shattaf

If you're non-Muslim and new in Dubai, you're probably wondering "a what now!?" This handy tool, a shattaf, is a toilet spray hose that you'll find in every toilet you come across in the UAE and the Middle East, for that matter.

Used to upkeep personal hygiene when visiting the washroom, your new Dubai rental will most definitely have these already installed in the bathrooms. However, we do recommend buying your own, new hose - only because you don't know where the existing one has been or what it's been close to...

Must-have items when moving to Dubai

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4. Wardrobe and/or drawer organisers

Being new in Dubai, we're guessing you probably brought over no more than your luggage allowance. But once you're here, you will be buying new things. Ironing boards, vacuums, and a clothes rack are just a few examples and in a 1 or 2 bedroom apartment, it can get a little tricky to find a place for everything (in villas it's a different story).

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The logical thing to do in that case then is to purchase some wardrobe and drawer organisers. These useful buys will help you arrange your personal items in the limited storage you have at home, and help you to utilise the space you have as much as possible. They will also encourage you to go Marie Kondo on everything.

Must-have items when moving to Dubai

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5. A magic sponge

You're probably wondering why a sponge would be a necessity - but in a renters market, the magic eraser is super handy when you're moving into or out of a Dubai apartment or villa. Famed for its magical powers of erasing dirt, fingerprints and grime from walls, these handy little guys can help you save the cost of re-painting your rental.

Must-have items when moving to Dubai

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6. An airbed

Trust us when we say that once you've moved here, you'll soon have friends and family wanting to come and visit. After all, they get to see you AND have a holiday in glorious sunshine? Why wouldn't they?

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This is why purchasing an inflatable airbed is a good idea when living in Dubai... Even if you're in a studio or 1 bedroom, it means you are able to accommodate visitors comfortably.

Must-have items when moving to Dubai

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7. A shower curtain

Unless you've moved into a unit that has modern interiors - and a glass shower door - you're most likely now living in a place that requires a shower curtain be installed. If there's one before you move in, like the shattaf situation, you might want to replace it with your own, new, clean one. Especially if you're grossed out by the thought of other people's hair... Which leads us onto our next must-have item...

Must-have items when moving to Dubai

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8. A sink strainer

Again, not necessarily a priority item you've thought of already but having one of these in your shower will prevent certain disasters in your new Dubai home. Placing a sink strainer in your shower, bathtub or kitchen sink can help prevent things like blocked plugs, pipes and even flooding in some cases.

Must-have items when moving to Dubai

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9. A shower filter

When living here, you'll no doubt hear complaints about the effects of Dubai's water on your hair. A lot will blame the quality of the water here in the Emirates for their brittle, dry hair and in some cases, hair loss.

To prevent your scalp falling victim, you should consider installing a shower filter, which helps to remove 99% of bacteria and solid impurities from the water you bathe in.

Must-have items when moving to Dubai

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