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Barista Training at RAW Coffee

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RAW Coffee Company in Dubai

RAW Coffee Company is a home-grown coffee house which supplies some of Dubai’s trendiest cafes with ethically traded and freshly roasted coffee. RAW has been brewing the finest beans from around the globe for over ten years, leading the way for the UAE’s coffee culture and filling our cups with organic goodness.

Not only are they the go-to for good coffee, they actually run several courses you can check out. These accredited course program designed not only for the aspiring barista professional but also for the coffee enthusiast.

You can sign up for the following courses:

  • Home Brewer
  • Home Barista
  • Commercial Training Program
  • SCA CSP Introduction to Coffee
  • SCA CSP Barista Skills - Foundation
  • SCA CSP Barista Skills - Intermediate
  • SCA CSP Barista Skills - Professional
  • SCA CSP Brewing Skills - Foundation
  • SCA CSP Brewing Skills - Intermediate
  • SCA CSP Brewing Skills - Professional
  • SCA CSP Sensory Skills - Foundation
  • SCA CSP Sensory Skills - Intermediate
  • SCA CSP Sensory Skills - Professional

As well as all of the above, RAW Coffee also offer bundle packages to choose from. For more information, click here.

For any inquiries or questions regarding their training programs, just contact [email protected]

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