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Umm Al Sheif
Fit and Beat in Dubai

We are a fitness and dance club that manifests, in all senses, the spirit of real community. Our classes cover all aspects of fitness and dance that can be done in a studio environment and we aim to offer variety for all levels and abilities.

Our club is unique offering classes for women of all ages – mothers and kids are welcome!

Our class schedule also allows women to take classes at the same time as their children.
In this way, everyone is active and increasing their time spent together, sharing a common activity that’s fun and helping their fitness levels, concentration and feeling of well-being. Within the club is also a cafe providing juices and health food.

This is a place to connect and socialise extending the essence of the community and creating an environment where members can get to know each other.

The Fit & Beat ethos is built around dance, fitness, health & wellness, learning, community and fun.

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Umm Al Sheif