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Music classes at Melodica

Melodica Music & Dance Institute is a leading music school in Dubai. Our music institute in Dubai takes immense pride in providing music lessons for kids and adults.

Our team is made up of highly qualified music teachers in Dubai. Our courses are designed to assist our students in learning music, reading and understanding notes; learning music theory and music training. Majority of the music opt for Melodica from other music and dance schools in Dubai because of our friendly-oriented atmosphere and excellent service that we provide to our students and customers.

Music is an art form that comprises of emotions, expression and manifestation of life itself. Music is an expression of oneself and how one wants to portray themselves and their feelings to the world. It is interpreted differently by everyone else and goes on to play an integral part in most people’s lives. It may be an organized pattern to some but to most music is more.

At our music school in Dubai, we value the existence of music in our lives. Music acts as a fuel to the soul that further unleashes one’s creativity. At Melodica, we make sure that our students are provided with the best music teachers and highly equipped music school facilities that can support and help our students meet the goals they set.

Various Locations