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Digital Media Professionals in The UAE Can Now Join This Association

Great news if you work in a digital media position in the country

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21 April 2019

Last updated on 21 April 2019
by Rebecca Roberts
UAE Journalists Association adds new digital professionals

Changes have been made to the UAE Journalists Association – and for the better.

Digital media professionals working in the UAE who have at least one year of experience can now join the UAE Journalists Association (UAEJA) thanks to recent amendments.

Following a recent meeting, the UAEJA’s Extraordinary General Assembly approved amendments to the association’s terms of reference regarding the membership of newly created categories and tenure of board of directors.

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Mohammed Al Hammadi, Chairman of the UAEJA explained how the latest developments in the media landscape have encouraged these changes. In fact, membership requirements have not been updated since 2000.

Now, thanks to these changes, employees in the following positions may apply for UAEJA membership;

  • editors-in-chief of news centres at TV channels and radio stations
  • correspondents
  • anchormen
  • TV cameramen
  • e-journalists and editors
  • correspondents and photographers

All of the above must be working for a website or organization licenced by the National Media Council (NMC), which is the regulatory body for the UAE’s media sector.

What is the UAE Journalists Association?

The UAE Journalists Association is a professional association of press and journalists. Formed in 2002, the UAEJA was founded to officially recognize a civil organization that includes members of the UAE press. The aim of the association is to defend the interests and rights of journalists and help to create a channel for them to express themselves and to speak on behalf of the masses.

How to become a member of the UAE Journalists Association

Journalists and media professionals wishing to join the UAEJA may do so by applying here. Every member must be employed in professional or regular journalistic work. They must be working on a licenced daily or periodical published in the country.

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There are two types of membership available:

  • An affiliated membership is granted to Arab and foreign journalists working in the UAE press
  • An honorary membership is granted to those of good standing and opinion who have performed great services to the association or the state, and have a distinguished activity in the field of journalism

If you would like to register to become a member of the UAEJA, you can click here.