How to Get a Good Conduct Certificate for a UAE Visa and Work Permit |

How to Get a Good Conduct Certificate for a UAE Visa and Work Permit

A guide on how to get your certificate of good conduct for your UAE work permit and visa

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11 January 2018

Last updated on 29 July 2019
by Rebecca Roberts
Good Conduct Certificates for UAE Work Permits and Visas

A new step in the UAE's visa requirements was implemented from February 4th, 2018, and onwards that has seen additional security checks for expats and foreign workers put in place.

Now, all individuals and expats wishing to move to Dubai and the UAE will be required to obtain a 'good conduct certificate'. This certificate of good conduct and behaviour, a.k.a. a police clearance certificate, will be needed in order to gain a UAE work permit and visa.

Applicable to all foreign workers - including domestic workers - this new step has been enforced in an effort to increase the UAE's national security and community safety.

To help you with the process of obtaining yours if you are moving to or new in Dubai and the UAE and hoping to secure a job here, here are the steps you need to take for various nationalities to gain a good conduct certificate...

Please note: this new step does not apply to residents and workers already living in Dubai and the UAE who are changing jobs within the country.

United Kingdom

The National Police Chiefs' Council (NPCC) in the United Kingdom offers a service for all expats wishing to emigrate to easily gain their police clearance certificate. The service is available through their ACRO Criminal Records Office, and the certificate contains the details of previous convictions if any, as well as any impending prosecutions and offences that are currently under investigation.

Applying for a police certificate form in the United Kingdom is easy through their website, which is the fastest option - or it can be applied for via post. An application form must be filled, and applicants can apply for a premium service which takes 2 days, or 10 days for the standard service.

United States

Citizens of the United States of American can gain a certificate of 'good conduct', which is also referred to as a 'lack of a criminal record' from their local police department. They may also request from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) either an FBI Identification Record, or proof that a record does not exist.


Spanish citizens wishing to expatriate to the UAE can obtain a police clearance certificate directly from the Spanish Ministry of Justice.

A Model 790 must be completed for free at the Regional Officers of the Ministry of Justice, or in Madrid at the Central Office of Citizen Services. Citizens can also apply online for a digital certificate.


Citizens of France can apply online through the country's Ministry of Justice website,

The application provides different options depending on the worker's place of birth, and whether they are in or out of the country, each of which will require them to fill out an application form. The document will contain criminal offences, and will be sent back via post.


For foreign workers emigrating to the UAE from Pakistan, a police certificate can be obtained from an SSP Office or D.I.G Police Office of the nearest city. An application form will need to be filled in, and there may be a fee attached. Applications can take up to 7 - 12 days.


Citizens of India moving to the UAE to work can apply online for their police clearance certificate and good conduct certificate through the Ministry of External Affairs' Consular, Passport and Visa Division.

They will be required to register through the Passport Seva online portal, and click the 'apply for a police clearance certificate' link. An online payment will be required in order to book an appointment at a passport office.


To gain a police clearance certificate as a Canadian citizen, expats must contact the Royal Canadian Mounted Police for a 'criminal record check. This process and document verifies whether an individual has a criminal record, and will provide applicants with the detailed information that can be legally disclosed.


Citizens of Australia can apply for a good conduct certificate through the country's federal police. They are able to provide National Police Checks for residents of the Australian Capital Territory, Jervis Bay Territory and external Commonwealth territories. The document provided can be used for overseas employment, adoption and visa applications, as well as with the Commonwealth government.

Other applicants living elsewhere are required to contact the criminal records section of their relevant State or Territory police service.

Australian citizens can apply online or download a form to complete and print before submitting it via post. Applications normally take around 15 working days from receipt, and around 30 working days for applications that include fingerprints.