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A New App Will Let You Report Fraud And Scams In Dubai

If you find yourself a victim of fraud or know someone who might be, this new app will make it easier to report incidents in Dubai

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18 October 2018

Last updated on 18 October 2018
Fraud And Scams

No one likes to become a victim of a fraud or scam in Dubai, despite constant efforts to avoid them

Anyone can fall victim of frauds, no matter how careful they may be about their personal information, finances and actions.

Even though Dubai tries very hard to filter out fraud attempts and scam campaigns – the rest is really up to residents in the emirate to take care when using social media applications and scrolling through the internet.

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Fraud And Scams

And now reporting such incidents has become easier for consumers, thanks to the Department of Economic Development – the app is aimed to help reduce responding time to complaints and to encourage more people to file complaints.

From expired grocery goods, counterfeit items, a risky competition or a financial rip-off, you can submit any complaint that is of a concern to you on the new Dubai Consumer app.

How does it work?

If you want to report any scheming that occurred to you then just download the application to report the incident.

Select the complaint type: consumer complaint, business complaint or track complaint.

Then give your name, phone number and email and expect a response within three minutes.

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