Users Of A UAE Bank Were Targeted In A VAT Refund Scam |

Users Of A UAE Bank Were Targeted In A VAT Refund Scam

Beware of the sender when authorizing banking processes through email

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4 November 2018

Last updated on 4 November 2018
VAT Refund Scam

Several customers of a UAE bank received a scam via email

In efforts to scam residents in the UAE, a new scam was reported recently in relation to the value-added tax, or VAT.

The scam was sent out to customers who use a local bank, Emirates NBD, and presented itself as a refund system for VAT in the country.

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Emirates NBD soon warned customers of this phishing scam and quickly sent out an email to their customers warning against providing any details on this email.

"You may have received a recent e-mail with the subject line 'VAT Refund Notification', claiming to be from Emirates NBD. Please be aware that this is a phishing e-mail," the email said.

VAT Refund Scam

This email was strategically planned to target users amid the VAT refund scheme for tourists from the UAE Federal Tax Authority, which will be effective from November 18.

This VAT refund system will allow eligible tourists to request refunds of VAT acquired during their visit to the UAE.

Tourists can do this by submitting their tax invoices, copies of their passport and credit card to special registered outlets.