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You Might Be Able to Pay Using Your WATCH in the UAE Soon

A new partnership means we could be paying for things in UAE with wearable payment technology very soon

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17 October 2018

Last updated on 13 November 2018
Wearable payment technologies in UAE

Thanks to a new partnership between Etisalat and a leading wearable payment enabler, we could soon be paying for things with the swipe of our wrist – literally.

A leading wearable payment enabler, Tappy Technologies, have teamed up with Etisalat to offer payment and access enabled wearables in the UAE.

It’s no doubt an exciting notion – particularly for those UAE residents who favour contactless payments, and the demand continues to grow.

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First showcased at this year’s GITEX Technology Week 2018, the wearables so far come in the forms of bracelets, watches and even sunglasses.

Alberto Araque, Vice President/Internet of Things & Digital Payment Etisalat Digital said: “Etisalat Digital Payments is aiming to be an omnichannel payment platform addressing changing needs of consumers and merchants.

“Several new payment features and solutions are launched during 2018. Etisalat together with Tappy plans also to penetrate in enterprise wearable payments market.”

Most UAE residents will already be familiar with Etisalat’s mobile payment options, as the company continues to be at the forefront of technological innovations in the UAE.

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And the launch of payment and access enabled wearables with Tappy is another step forward by Etisalat in providing technologically advanced products to UAE customers, and adding convenience to their daily lives.

“The ability to use items worn on the body to quickly and easily pay for goods and services takes the convenience of mobile and contactless payment to a whole new level.” Araque added.

Wearable payment technologies in UAE

How would payment wearables work?

According to Tappy Technologies, your wearable would be connected to your digital wallet on your smart phone, which in turn is connected to your bank's payment cards.

Through the biometric and wearable payments, the products promise to boost convenience and security - and users will be able to shop using their wearables, or even be granted event or transit access.

How safe would wearable payment technology be?

We have to admit, the idea that payments can be made easily just by using a watch or bracelet or similar wearable may be a little unsettling to some.

Especially since we’ve already seen instances of petty crime and theft worldwide in the news, as criminals target individuals making use of contactless payments; be it their cards in their purses, or via their mobile phones.

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Of course, these most popular forms of contactless payments have been around for years – so any snagging with the technology or risk of safety have mostly been ironed out. But being able to spend our hard-earned cash with a simple swipe of our wrist? It could cause chaos for those of us who enjoy spending sprees.



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