How to Find the Best Car Insurance Policy in Dubai |

How to Find the Best Car Insurance Policy in Dubai

Bought your first car or you're renewing an existing policy? These are the important points you need to know when looking for car insurance in Dubai

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2 February 2020

Last updated on 2 February 2020
How to Find the Best Car Insurance Policy in Dubai

Buy the best car insurance in Dubai as per your current and future insurance needs

It is mandatory for all registered cars to have car insurance in the UAE. As a result, there are hundreds of car insurance providers offering owners coverage across the emirates, which can make it quite challenging to narrow down the best car insurance company in Dubai that safeguards you and your specific insurance needs.

The best car insurance policy protects your car in the event of an accident, theft, or damage (crashes, fire, water, lightning, etc.) and it financially protects the owner in regards to repair costs, cost for a replacement, and more. A policy also covers you against any possible legal liabilities that can occur out of an unforeseen incident, such as a casualty or if you damage a third party.

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Whether you've just bought your first car or you're renewing your current car insurance, it is important to find the right car insurance so you can have the maximum coverage and avoid any spending or nasty financial surprises.

Once you've purchased your new vehicle, the next step would be to insure it. We've compiled your complete guide on how to sift through all the Dubai car insurance companies so you can find the best one for your needs.

Compare customer reviews of insurers

See what their customers think of them, but avoid limiting your review research to their website. See forums, Google results, Facebook comments, social media reviews, etc. where customers reviews are not handpicked for the insurer's website.

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Look for specific comments, such as customer reviews on filing a car insurance claim, how long it takes the company to settle a car insurance claim, if customers found it easy to contact customer service, and if the level of professionalism they encountered with an agent or customer service.

Guide to finding the best car insurance in Dubai

See inclusions

There are instances when you might need roadside assistance in Dubai. In the event of an emergency and you'll need to tow your car, a battery boost, have a flat tyre, need emergency fuel, and other incidents, see if these immediate assistance services are included in your car insurance policy.

No-claims discount

A no-claims bonus on your car insurance policy in Dubai would entitle you to a discount for the next year you renew your insurance, that is if you did not file an insurance claim during the time of your policy.

If you're shifting to a new car insurance provider, whether you're a current resident or you've just migrated to the country, it's recommended that you carry proof of your no-claims bonus with you.

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Doing so could help you in finding the best insurance rate and perhaps even additional discounts on premium as you have a proven record.

Finding the best car insurance in Dubai

Agency coverage

Keep a lookout for agency coverage - should you file for a car insurance claim, the manufacturer's authorised dealer in the UAE will repair your damaged car. Not only is your car in the hands of authorised professionals who are experts in your specific car brand, but you will also likely get genuine or brand new parts for your car.

Non-agency coverage

Non-agency repair coverage means that your car will be repaired by professionals in workshops that have been approved and pre-tested by your insurer. Although your car will not be repaired by authorised professionals of your specific vehicle model or brand, a non-agency repair in your car insurance policy tends to be more cost-effective.

Third-party liability car insurance

According to the UAE law, when owning a car in Dubai, you must additionally acquire third-party liability insurance. This type of insurance covers you against any costs of repair and replacement related to your car in the event that another party is involved and was responsible for the damages.

Comprehensive car insurance

Buying a comprehensive car insurance plan in Dubai safeguards you against financial losses and damages related to your car, including any damage caused to third-party property. This form of insurance would also usually protect you in the event of theft, natural damages (fire, water, earthquakes, lightning, etcc.), as well as emergency medical expenses as a result of an incident with your car.