Dubai Area Guide: Al Quoz |

Dubai Area Guide: Al Quoz

While it is an area often favoured by Emiratis, it makes for a fantastic place for any expat family to settle

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5 May 2015

Last updated on 5 September 2017
Dubai Area Guide: Al Quoz

This area of the Emirate is a great place for any growing family. With a large amount of residential properties in the northeast of the area, and an industrial area in the southwest, it's structured into four subcommunities (a.k.a. Al Quoz 1, 2, 3 and 4), forming a hive of families, business and industrial development. 

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In terms of residential properties, these lie mainly within the first, second and fourth areas of the area. And while it is a popular place with local families and Emiratis - what with its spacious and individually designed houses - it is fantastic for any expat family that is looking to settle with their family. 

Al Quoz is suitable for:

Families and employees of large companies!

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All housing in the area are conveniently located close to popular areas in Dubai such as Safa Park and Business Bay. Plus, the newer area in Al Quoz 2 is close to Meydan, and lies just outside the original rectangle of the community. In the second subcommunity you'll find the new Pond Park, too! 

There are industrial pockets across the area, which primarily lie to the southwest area of the Al Quoz rectangle. These are continually developed by Dubai Municipality, and the area services the development of projects such as Dubai Marina and the freezone in Jebel Ali. Plus, you'll find many of the large Dubai hotel chains host their facilities here, and housing for their staff

Amidst the homes and industrial areas of Al Quoz, you'll pleasantly find a number of art galleries - those warehouse spaces come in handy! The area today houses some of the most significant hubs of contemporary art across the Emirate. It's also home to the regions first private museum, as well as other shops and coffee places to relax.