Signs You Live in Jumeirah Village Circle

You've Lived in JVC Too Long When...

We've scoured the Internet for the funniest gifs that pretty much sum up what life is like in Jumeirah Village Circle! Enjoy...

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9 May 2016

Last updated on 31 July 2019
You've Lived in JVC Too Long When...

Things you learn when you've lived in the Jumeirah Village Circle... for way too long

With lots of lost and found cats, speed bumps and a road system that resembles something like the Crystal Maze, Jumeirah Village Circle is understandably a tad frustrating to live in. Of course, despite these fun and often agitating quirks, this spot is an ideal place for any expat living in the emirate.

So here are 13 signs you've lived in JVC a bit too long!

1. You came home one night and you didn't know your address anymore

New street signs, new numbers, no warning given!


2. You know the Bluemart number off by heart

And you're tired of putting it on Facebook for newbies.


3. You will literally cry if the taxi takes Street 1 instead of Street 2...

You don't know the way home otherwise.


4. You know the answer to every small neighbourly problem

Neighbour problems

5. You've noticed JVC resembles the Millennium Falcon from above

And wonder if the designer is a Star Wars fan?

Star wars

6. With all the lost cats, you wonder what happens to them all...

...and if there's a house full of them in District 12?

Lost cats

7. You know which speed bumps require slowing down...

And those that don't!

Speed bumps

8. When Choitrams finally opened, you were like...


9. If you live in the villas, you're sick of gardeners, maids, and leafleters etc...

Left alone

10. The thought of exiting onto Hessa Street in the morning makes you feel like

Horrible feeling

11. But when the kids are on holiday...


12. And when you heard there's 2 new exits coming...


13. But most of all, you don't want to live anywhere else in Dubai... JVC rocks!

Love it