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5 Golden Rules for Beautiful Hair

Celebrity hair stylist Miguel Perez shares his top tips for luscious locks.

5 Golden Rules for Beautiful Hair

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With more than 20 years of experience and a client roster that includes Salma Hayek and Amal Clooney, Miguel Perez certainly knows his stuff when it comes to hair.

The "Salon Sloane" session stylist and "Hair Rituel by Sisley" ambassador are constantly jetting all over the world to help get actors and models ready for their close-ups and has become a master at creating glossy, glamorous locks.

Of course, having a hair guru on hand is how A-listers get red carpet-ready, but Perez says anyone can have ‘expensive-looking’ hair, you just need to follow a few steps in order to prep properly, minimise damage and ensure a smooth, salon-worthy finish.

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Here, Perez shares his five golden rules for beautiful, healthy-looking hair…

1. Prepare with care

“Preparation when washing your hair is key, as the condition of the hair will determine just how easy – or difficult – it is to style.

“It’s important to choose the right haircare products for your individual hair type.

“I like to prep the hair using a purifying mask, which de-pollutes hair and cleanses the scalp of substances that will suffocate it or cause itching or irritation – think of it as a cleanser for your hair.

“If the hair is fine and needs a bit of volume, I will use a volumising shampoo, whereas if the hair is coarse and frizzy, I will use a smoothing shampoo, which really helps to tame any frizz or flyaway hairs.”

2. Don’t overheat your hair

“You should change the temperature of your styling tool depending on which section of the hair you are styling.

“When applying heat or styling around the hair line, where hair is generally finer, you should always use a lower temperature to smooth hair without burning it.

“In other areas such as around the crown, you should use a little more heat to create volume.

“When blow drying the mid-lengths to the ends of the hair, you should use a medium temperature.

“Pay particular attention to the ends of the hair, to ensure they are smoothed properly – this is what will make your hair look like it’s been professionally blow-dried.”

3. Tailor your tools

“It’s important to make sure you use the right-sized brush when styling hair – the brush size depends on the texture you want to create and the amount of volume you want at the root.

“The bigger the brush, the more volume at the root and the softer the wave. The smaller the brush, the less volume and the tighter the wave.

“When tonging or blow-drying, it’s all about the direction in which you style. I usually wrap the middle section of the hair around the tong and hold for a couple of seconds to create a small amount of movement.

“I then take the ends of the hair and tong them in the opposite direction but hold the hair for slightly longer, giving an effortless and modern look.”

4. Take a 360 approach

“People tend to only focus on the front of their hair and neglect the back – when I style actresses or models, I’m aware that they will be photographed from every angle.

“Don’t forget to use a hand mirror to check the back of your hair so you can see how it looks from every single angle.”

5. Don’t forget the finishing touch

“In order to create an ‘expensive-looking’ blow dry, the ends have to be completely polished and smooth.

“Damaged hair is extremely noticeable against dark clothing, which is why it’s so important to smooth the ends with a hair oil.

“I always finish off a look by using a couple of pumps of the Hair Rituel by Sisley Precious Hair Care Oil.

“It adds shine to every type of hair, without weighing it down.”