Natural Homemade Beauty Tips |

Natural Homemade Beauty Tips

Here are some fantastic DIY beauty ideas you can implement at home.

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10 December 2015

Last updated on 1 October 2019
Natural Homemade Beauty Tips

Honey + sugar for chapped lips!

From chilly winter air to side effects of medication, there are many reasons for dry, crusty & sore lips! So what you can do?                 

Whip up your own healing formula to combat chapped lips:
1. Mix 2tsp sugar with 1tsp honey.
2. Apply this mixture on your lips and let it sit for 1-2min.
3. Next, gently scrub it to loosen dead cells.
4. Finally, rinse your lips with lukewarm water.

Easy black head removal - Really Works!

Wet your face with warm water to open pores. Then, mix 1 part baking soda, 1 part toothpaste and 2 parts water in a small dish. Rub on affected area with old toothbrush. Repeat as necessary. Apply every day before bed and your blackheads will disappear. 

Sore feet relief

If you have plantar fasciitis or tired, achy feet, fill a plastic water bottle ¾ of the way with water, freeze it and use it frozen after a workout or long day to roll the bottoms of your feet to reduce inflammation.

Make your own natural moisturiser at home with Coconut Oil

1. Blend the gel from 1 or 2 fresh aloe vera leaves in a blender.
2. Transfer it into a bowl & add ½ cup of virgin coconut oil.
3. Optionally, add a few drops of an essential oil of your choice.
4. Whisk the mixture with an electric or hand blender until you get a fluffy consistency.

Note: Make sure to use solid coconut oil for this beauty recipe!

Treat acne naturally

The pulp of tomato is an amazing skin toner and also helps in unclogging the skin pores and prevents acne formation. Apply a mixture of cucumber juice and tomato pulp and leave it for 15 minutes before washing off.

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Pomegranate - The King of Exotic Fruits

According to Ayurveda, sweet pomegranate is Tridohaghnam. It check thirst, burning sensation, and fevers. It is also useful in the treatment of diseases of the heart, throat and mouth. It is light, nutritious and an aphrodisiac. It has an auxiliary taste of astringency and is a constrictor. Having pomegranate’s juice daily is good for heart and useful for people suffering from low blood pressure and asthma.

The benefits of mint for skin 

Mint juice is an excellent antiseptic lotion for the skin. Apply it to prevent infection from pimples. You can also use it as an effective remedy for various other skin diseases like eczema and rashes.

A natural way to whiten your nails

Slice a lemon in half and stick your fingers in between, for a few minutes. The natural acids of lemon will whiten the nails.

Home remedies for dark circles

Cucumbers are great way to reduce your dark circle. You can juice them for oral consumption and apply them in slices over your eyes to get rid of puffiness and dark circles.

Get rid of dark circles naturally

Regular application of orange juice mixed with glycerine is an effective way to get rid of dark circles. Besides removing your dark circles, orange extracts also provide your overall skin with an inner glow and will make your skin around eyes smoother and softer than before.

Ayurvedic cures for dandruff 

Camphor with mixed with coconut oil works great for dandruff treatment and cools your scalp too. Mix a small amount of camphor in coconut oil. Store it in a bottle, and apply each night before going to bed.

Home remedy for premature greying of hair 

Indian gooseberry or amla is an amazing fruit for preventing and treating premature greying of hair. The fruit, cut into pieces, should be dried, and boiled in coconut oil till the solid matter become little charred dust. This darkis oil should be massaged daily on scalp.

Health benefits of avocados

Avocado is considered excellent for skin and hair. It contains essentials nutrients and fatty acids that moisturize your skin and help reduce wrinkles. Moreover, it protects the skin from environmental damage.

Natural remedy for curing athlete's foot

Mix 1 teaspoon of aloe Vera gel with ½ tsp. turmeric, and apply some of the mixture to the affected areas. But a word of caution: This mixture will turn your skin and socks yellow! Continue with this treatment twice a day for at least 2 weeks.

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Holy basil for unholy stress

The leaves of holy basil (tulsi), are regarded as anti-stress agents. Studies have shown that the leaves protect against stress significantly. It has been suggested that even healthy persons should chew 12 leaves of holy basil twice a day, morning and evening for preventing stress.

Home remedies for relieving stress

Brahmi tea is an excellent stress buster. You can prepare the tea by adding a cup of boiling water to ½ teaspoon brahmi (bacopa monnier). Bacopa is an important medical herb used in ayurveda and has traditionally been employed as a neurological tonic.

Prevent hair fall!

Mustard oil with henna (lawsonia inermis), is great combination of healthy hair growth. About 250 grams of mustard oil should be boils with few henna leaves, till most of them are burnt in the oil. The oil should then be filtered through a cloth and massaged daily on scalp.

Simple and natural skin revitalizer

Boiled tea bags can be kept over the eyes. It helps in skin lightening, reducing wrinkle, tan, blemishes and dark spots!

Health benefits of almonds

Almonds are the only type of nuts which have highest amount of six essential nutrients – fiber, protein, potassium, magnesium, copper and vitamin E. they are cholesterol free and provide high quality absorbable protein. Almond benefits in healing number of ailments such as anemia, osteoporosis, insomnia, skin problem and even anxiety.

Home remedy for glowing skin

Grapes work great for glowing, blemish-free skin. Massage your face smoothly with pulp of fresh grapes for few minutes daily and allow it to dry for 20 minutes before washing it with cold water.

Remedy for preventing sunburn

Apart from having various other medicinal uses, neem oil is an also an effective sun blocker that protect your skin from sunburns. Neem oil does not mean pure neem extract, but few drops of neem mixed with sesame oil or any other mild oil.

Natural cleansing lotion

Take 500ml of raw (not boiled) milk, and add a pinch salt and 2 teaspoonful of lime juice in it. Use it as natural cleansing lotion.