Adorable New Animals Are Now Housed In Dubai |

Adorable New Animals Are Now Housed In Dubai

Some of the world’s exotic animals are based at the Dubai Safari and here are the new editions to the family

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29 October 2018

Last updated on 29 October 2018
Dubai Safari

You would never guess that a chimpanzee, baby elephants, tigers and more would be location in Dubai

Dubai is definitely home to the world’s most iconic elements – from the Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Fountain and the Dubai Mall.

But now it is home to adorable new animals that reside in the Dubai Safari.

The Dubai-based animal attraction announced the arrival of two new animals to their beloved nature list, including African elephants and a young Komodo dragon.

Dubai Safari zoo was run by the Dubai Municipality but has undergone a refurbishment by developer Meraas and the opening date was pushed back from October 1 without a new opening date.

However, animal lovers can expect to see lots of animals from different walks of life in one location.

Previous addition to the animal kingdom

Back in April, the zoo welcomed 4 new African elephants, 1 bull and 3 female bulls from Zimbabwe. And over the summer, the park welcomed moon bears, elephants, chimpanzees, otters, komodo dragons and new birds.

These animals are still getting used to the park and are expected to settle into their new home in Dubai – the animal enclosed has also been built to withstand the UAE heat with frozen underground piping that help keep rocks cool.

Air conditioning has been placed for the animals, vapour sprays and chilled ponds to help keep them refreshed during the hot climate seasons.

Here are some animals you can expect to see once the park opens up