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More Mud, More FUN For Your Little Ones at This Year's du Mini Mudder

The du Mini Mudder is back and it’s a great opportunity for your children to get dirty and have fun!

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19 September 2018

Last updated on 19 September 2018
The du Mini Mudder

Pretty much the only time you’ll want your children to get themselves dirty and run in mud, is this year’s du Mini Mudder challenge. If you register this week, you can avail a special offer!

It’s never fun when your child comes back from playing at the park, covered in dirt and mud but a returning event will encourage you to let your children have fun and get dirty.

With your little ones feeling a bit blue about going back to school, this will definitely turn their frown upside down – the du Mini Mudder is coming back to the Hamdan Sports Complex on the 7th and 8th December.

It’s not just an excuse to get dirty, this mud challenge has a brand-new 1.5 KM race course designed for your children to complete and satisfy their adventure thrills. Suitable for children aged between 7 to 13 years old, this obstacle course run will create ever-lasting memories.

As other challenges are designed towards a winning and losing atmosphere, the du Mini Mudder is NOT a competitive race but rather a run – so you can avoid any tears on the way home.

Instead, it is designed to encourage children to come together, learn about teamwork and overcome the obstacles together!

Here is a list of the fun obstacles your little one can enjoy:

  • Hangin In Hangin Out: Let the monkey within come alive as they try out varying levels of monkey bars.
  • Mini Everest: The most iconic Tough Mudder obstacle of all time!
  • Secret Agent Squeeze: du Mini Mudders will feel like 007 as they slip through the cracks of this ‘laser’ maze with different traps on each lap.
  • Tunnel of Terror: Brave the dark and muddy tunnel as you shimmy and slide through to the other side.
  • Mount Mudd: Climb, slosh, slip, and squirm your way over Mount Mudd, that rewards kids who conquer it with a slide into—you guessed it—more mud!
  • Crazy Climb: Make your way over and through countless hay bales.
  • Tumble Weed: Crawl along the ground and underneath a fishing net to come out on the other side!
  • Child Carry: Carry your fellow Mini Mudder – and then have them return the favour!
  • Killa Chimp: The mini version of Killa Gorilla – but just as fun!

The whole family can join

The du Mini Mudder is not just for your children, your whole family can get muddy together at the event – and parents themselves can lead by example at the du Tough Mudder challenge because the obstacles are a grown up version of the Mini Mudder one.

Important things to know

  • 1. Any little one eagerly wanting to take part in the du Mini Mudder must be accompanied by an adult and have a valid spectator ticket.
  • 2. You can purchase your tickets online for AED45 or at the event for AED55.
  • 3. Register your little ones BEFORE Saturday to get a free spectator ticket by using code: BACK2SCHOOL

Who would’ve thought that getting dirty in mud could be SO MUCH FUN!

du Tough Mudder
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du Tough Mudder is a mud and obstacle course designed to test your physical strength, stamina, and mental grit. It is a team-oriented challenge with no winners, finisher medals, or clocks to race against.

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