Hot and Humid Weather to Come This Weekend |

Hot and Humid Weather to Come This Weekend

With chances of scattered fog and mist in some areas

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13 June 2019

Last updated on 13 June 2019
Dubai weather forecast for the weekend

Planning the weekend ahead? Here's what weather to expect.

If you've recently returned from a holiday or your Eid trip, you've probably noticed the increase in temperature as you've stepped out of the airport.

With the arrival of June, it's safe to say summer has arrived - and this week, the mercury has really been feeling extra hot for us here in Dubai.

Highs of 44° are expected on Thursday, with plenty of sunshine and hot temperatures according to Accuweather. In fact, coastal areas will experience humidity in the early morning and in the evening, and a gentle north-westerly breeze will blow dust and sand across inland areas of the country by the afternoon.

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The humidity will continue through Friday and Saturday, says the National Center of Meterology (NCM), but temperatures will remain a little lower at 42° on Friday and 41° on the following day.

Don't let the humidity deter you from making plans during the day... Particularly beach-goers and pool-lovers who can handle the heat, you'll be able to enjoy brilliant sunshine late morning and early afternoon.

Thankfully, the humidity should dissipate next week but moderate winds will cause poor visibility and dusty conditions.