Spotify Has Officially Launched in the UAE |

Spotify is Now Officially Available to Everyone in UAE

The app first launched last week, but was invite only for those without an existing account

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14 November 2018

Last updated on 14 November 2018
Spotify available in UAE and Middle East

The popular music streaming site is now available to all living in the UAE.

Last week, we shared news that Spotify had landed in the Middle East. Existing account holders living in the Middle East and North Africa were able to use the service - but non-subscribers would gain access via invite only.

But now, Spotify has officially launched for all to use! And news of the platform's arrival ends months of speculation about when it would finally be ready in the region.

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The music streaming service, which allows users to access an enormous, global network of songs, is available to all in the UAE. Both its free version and premium option can be accessed, and the latter will cost subscribers AED 19.99 per month.

In fact, that's around half of what users currently pay in countries like the UK, US and Sweden.

With the premium service, users can listening to music and their playlists ad-free, as well as having the ability to download songs that can then be played offline.

In an interview, Spotify's Regional Managing Director Claudius Boller told Gulf News that the service had been slowly building its Arabic music library.

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“We need to celebrate the Arabic music and the local cultures… and that requires quite some time,” he said.

Hints that the platform was launching in the Middle East included the emergency of the @SpotifyArabia account on Twitter back in October, plus more and more Arabic curated playlists began to appear on the platform - noticed by eagle-eyed users.