Footage of Dubai Storm in Early April 2019 |

The Storm in Dubai Last Night Was INSANE

Lightning lit the skies over the city during the night

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10 April 2019

Last updated on 4 August 2019
Storm in Dubai early April 2019

Anyone awake in the middle of the night will no doubt have witnessed an incredible show in the skies.

Dubai was hit with crazy thunder and lightning storms, as heavy rain poured between bolts of lightning and flashes of purple that literally lit up the sky above the emirate.

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The constant drones of thunder paired with electrical sparks that spread across the sky were jaw-dropping. But if for some reason you missed it - you must sleep very well - here are some videos and photos captured by Dubai residents that perfectly capture the show!

It was certainly quite the storm!

Jaw-dropping footage over Business Bay...

It must be Zachary Levi heading to this year's MEFCC one resident shared...

Volts of electricity across the sky.

The size of this bolt of lightning!

Residents were woken up by the crashing of thunder.

Perfect timing of these boomerangs.

Dubai's weather forecast this week

Following last night's lightning show, the UAE woke up today to another stormy day, and forecasters have warned residents that the weather will only worsen over the weekend, according to The National.

Satellite images shared by the National Centre for Meteorology show that the entire country will be covered by cloud bringing heavy rain, thunder, and lightning, and a weather warning is in force until 6pm.

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This unsettled period of weather is expected to last into next week, and Friday and Saturday are expected to bring the most intensified rains and storms - accompanied by hail, thunder, lightning and flash flooding across the country.

Temperatures will range from 24°C to 28°C in Dubai, and 22°C to 29°C in Abu Dhabi.

Clearly someone heard our plea for cool weather for longer...