In Pictures: How the World Welcomed in 2017 |

In Pictures: How the World Welcomed in 2017

Check out how some countries saw in in the New Year.

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2 January 2017

Last updated on 9 August 2017
In Pictures: How the World Welcomed in 2017
Countries around the world welcomed in 2017 with dazzling fireworks displays. Spectators from all over the globe watched the sky light up as the clock struck midnight. Here are some of the most spectacular photos.

Australia and New Zealand

Fireworks launched from the top of Auckland’s Sky Tower, followed by two pyrotechnic shows at Sydney Harbour and immersed Australia’s bridge in the colourful lights, estimated at to be about seven tonnes of fireworks.

The Sydney Harbour Bridge turned purple in a tribute to Prince and David Bowie was honoured with space-themed visuals.

Australia and New Zealand Fireworks 2017

Hong Kong

Fireworks burst over Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Fireworks 2017

Singapore and Indonesia

Fireworks exploded above Singapore's financial district. Indonesia's fireworks certainly didn't disappoint either.

Singapore and Indonesia Fireworks 2017

United Arab Emirates

One of the most awaited fireworks spectacles happen in the UAE. Thousands travel here just for this occasion and it never disappoints.

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United Arab Emirates Fireworks 2017

Egypt and Greece

Egypt saw in the New Year with fireworks and lights show at the iconic pyramids in Cairo. Meanwhile, Greece launched their fireworks at the Acropolis of Athens. There's just something about historical sites being brought to life with dazzling lights in the sky.

Egypt and Greece Fireworks 2017

United Kingdom and Scotland

The London Eye and the Big Ben were the focal points for the fireworks. Scotland’s world-famous New Year festival presented the greatest firework show in the country, as the highlight of the 3-day festival that was full of lights, food, and concerts.

United Kingdom and Scotland Fireworks 2017

France and Germany

The city of lights had a beautiful spectacle at the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe. Germany also had spectacular shows next to the Quadriga sculpture atop the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

France and Germany Fireworks 2017

The Americas

Whether in snowy Canada or beachy Brazil, there is no shortage of the "wow" factor when in comes to fireworks in this part of the world.
The Americas Fireworks 2017