Review: Stick Man Show At Madinat Theatre |

Review: Stick Man Show At Madinat Theatre

We sent one of our EWmums mumfluencer's to enjoy the show, and here's her thoughts...

Review: Stick Man Show At Madinat Theatre

Latika Chawla, who's a parenting blogger based in Dubai, and runs 'Stars in the Desert' blog, had the chance to go watch the Stick Man Show with her family on 17th, January 2018, at Madinat Theatre in Dubai. And shared her thoughts on the show with us...

Over the Christmas break, my sons made a trip to the library and one of the books they picked was Stick Man by Julia Donaldson. Over the next two weeks, we loved reading it over and over again.

It was a pleasant surprise when we got special invites to watch Stick Man show live on stage at the Souk Madinat Theatre, courtesy of ExpatWoman, EWmums and Popular Productions. I wasn’t sure if my sons would understand and enjoy a musical, and even hoped that my younger son (2.5 years) wouldn’t be scared in the darkness of the theatre.

However, once the actors came on stage and the show started, all my fears were put to rest.

Review: Stick Man Show At Madinat Theatre

The set was simple and the use of special effects was close to none, but it was amazing how the three actors used the entire stage and various musical instruments and props to create the entire story spanning different seasons and scenarios. Right from the introduction of the Stick Family, to how he went for a jog and got chewed on by a dog, got thrown into a river, used by a swan to be a part of her nest, got stuck on a beach and used as a flag mast, got frost bite in the snow and finally helped Santa who helped him back into the Family Tree – we felt like we were a part of the story. I even saw my elder son (5 years), tap his feet to the music in between.

The actor playing Stick Man was skinny and fit the role of a stick man perfectly and his expressions were commendable. The guy playing the narrator was the one who left a lasting impression on me, with his multi-tasking abilities to play so many different musical instruments, act, dance and do everything in between. The actress playing Stick Lady Love and all the other characters, did a wonderful job of holding the show together. Their use of props to depict scenes like the fish in the river, the snowfall, etc. was praiseworthy. They even managed to engage and interact with the crowd and make use of the entire theatre, and made us all (young and old ones, alike) giggle and applaud at their jokes.

We left the theatre with the “Stick Man, oh Stick Man, he lives in the Family Tree, with his Stick Lady Love and their Stick Children three” song STUCK in our heads, after thoroughly enjoying the 60-minute performance.

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We'd like to say a special thank you to the team at Popular Productions for giving our lovely mumfluencer and her family the chance to see the show!