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6 Ways Parents Can Teach Their Kids About Stranger Danger

It's important to be vigilant as a parent

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18 September 2013

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Teaching stranger danger to kids

We have seen a lot in the media and on message boards recently about reported attempted abductions and we know it is a real concern to all of you with children no matter what age they are.

Whilst we all know Dubai on the whole is a very safe environment to live, we do need to be extra vigilant and teach our children some common sense tips whilst out and about anywhere in the world. So here's our guide for parents on how to teach stranger anger to their children!

1. Define who a "stranger" is

Quite simple, it's someone who you do not know. Children need to learn this definition, but they also need to know about "safe strangers"! Safe Strangers are teachers, police officers, firefighters and other adults who work with children. They might know this people only by sight and not personally.

Emphasise the importance of seeking help from safe strangers when in public places.

2. Stay close when in crowds

Set clear provisions for your children, and let them know what is expected of them when you're out and about. Instruct them to stay in sight, or to stay with their sibling or to keep hold of a trolley/pram when walking. Teaching them to stick together helps everyone to be safe.

3. Safety in numbers

If there comes a time when you are unable to supervise your child, for instance on the way to/from school, find a buddy for your child to walk with. Don't send them outside to play or to a park by themselves. Encourage them to watch out for their friends, too... There's safety in numbers!

4. Follow family rules

Teach them to never accept a ride from a stranger, make sure a parent knows where you are at all times, don't reveal personal information to strangers (including online safety), and keep the door locked and don't answer to anyone if you are home alone... These are good family rules to promote safety.

Other tips and advice include:

  • Strangers are people that you don’t know.
  • Don’t talk to strangers when a parent is not around.
  • Don’t accept lifts, sweets, gifts, money etc. from a stranger- say no thank you and walk off.
  • If you get lost in a shop or a mall go to a security guard or shop assistant and ask them for help.
  • Don’t give out your name, address, phone number or any other information about yourself to strangers.
  • Be careful if a stranger in a car calls out to you to come closer for help or directions. It's easy for a stranger to pull you into a car if you get close enough.
  • Don't be fooled by people who claim to know you or your parents. That does not mean that you know them.
  • If you are ever in doubt or don’t feel comfortable then go to somewhere that is safe and tell an adult- go to an authority figure or a mum with kids in tow.
  • 5. Create a secret family password

    Create a super- secret family password that can be used in case of emergencies- i.e. if you do have to send a friend to get your kids from school due to an emergency they can use the password to reassure your child that they have really been sent by mummy or daddy.

    6. Brief your home help

    Make sure your home help- maids, baby sitters, house boy etc. are briefed on stranger danger too so that when they are in charge of your kids when out or home alone with them that they know the safety precautions to follow too.