UAE Just Ranked #1 Globally for Women's Safety in the Community |

UAE Just Ranked #1 Globally for Women's Safety in the Community

The UAE received the highest reported percentage worldwide where women can feel safe in their communities

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1 November 2021

Last updated on 2 November 2021
UAE ranks number 1 worldwide for women's public safety

98.5% of women in the study reported feeling safe in the UAE.

What perhaps comes as no surprise to expats living in the country, the UAE ranked first worldwide for women's safety within communities, according to a major study by Georgetown University.

The study involved women around the globe aged 15 years old and above who were asked to report if they "feel safe walking alone at night in the city or area where you live."

The UAE revealed the highest percentage, with 98.5% of respondents confirming they feel safe within their communities and the emirates. Afghanistan ranked the lowest in the study.

Georgetown University researchers said that measuring this safety perception was critical to women's mobility and influences their ability to look for opportunities outside of the home.

This year, the UAE was also among the top three countries in the world for Covid-19 response, placing third in a Bloomberg study. The study considers 12 data indictors including virus containment, vaccination, mortality rate, quality of healthcare, etc.

The Covid Resilience Ranking showcases which countries are the best and worst to be in as the world continues to ease Covid-19 restrictions and allow openings and public gatherings. The UAE placed third, with Ireland topping the list, followed by Spain.

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