Car Registration in Dubai: How to Register a Car in Dubai |

Car Registration in Dubai: How to Register a Car in Dubai

Here's our full guide to the what's, when's, how's and why's of registering a vehicle in Dubai

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30 July 2013

Last updated on 27 June 2018
Car and Vehicle Registration in Dubai

Required to register your new car in Dubai, or register a second-hand car? Our guide will help you.

Similar to the need to obtain a Dubai driving licence here in the Emirate, motor vehicle registration is compulsory for all vehicles here. Without, one could land you into some bother, as it's technically not allowed on the road at all.

If you've bought your car brand new - fantastic! The pain of registering it will no doubt lie with the dealership you've bought your new wheels from, as they'll complete this step for you with no problems.

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If you're looking to purchase a car second hand, however, the thought or registering your car yourself might be seem a little heinous at first. Plus, even if your car was bought brand new, you'll be required to register it yourself for the subsequent years. More on that later.

In order to register a vehicle in Dubai, whether new or second-hand, here's the steps to take...

What you need to register your car in Dubai

As the buyer you must be a resident of the UAE with a valid, legal UAE driver's licence.

First of all, a traffic file must be created under the name of the person or entity. Vehicle registration is available for UAE citizens, GCC citizens and residents, if they meet all requirements for opening a traffic file. For registering company vehicles, company trade license must be issued from the Emirate of Dubai.

Cars must pass the vehicles technical inspection, and vehicle insurance must be obtained.

If you have purchased a second-hand car, and wish to make any changes to the vehicle, colour and engine changes or any additions to the vehicle are to be approved by the technical inspection department at the service centers.

Here are the documents you require in order to begin the process of registering your vehicle in Dubai:

1) From agencies:

  • Original certificate of ownership, transfer, customs
  • Original insurance certificate (13 months)
  • Original vehicle testing documents if it is registered in the past or the model is not of the present year
  • Original letter from the mortgagee if the vehicle is mortgaged
  • Original letter of mortgage from the bank (if available)
  • Printed, original invoice of vehicle purchasing containing vehicle data and authentication from the agency
  • Transfer or export of vehicle plates (if available)
  • Original Emirates ID card or passport

2) From showrooms:

  • Printed, original sale contract
  • Original certificate of ownership, transfer, or customs
  • A copy of trade licence
  • A copy of authorized signatory from the showroom owner
  • Original/copy of vehicle testing documents if it is registered in the past or the model is not of the present year
  • Original letter of mortgage from the bank (if available)
  • Original driving licence
  • Original Emirates ID card or passport
  • Original application form for vehicle licencing

As stated, the registration process of new vehicles is normally dealt by the dealer once you've given all the required documents. If you want to go through the process on your own, or you need to renew a year's registration, the following steps will guide you:

  1. Submit all of the required documents mentioned above along with an application form at the Vehicle Licensing Department
  2. Collect your registration and vehicle plates
Car and Vehicle Registration in Dubai

Vehicle registration fees in Dubai

The cost of registering your car in Dubai are as follows depending on your vehicle type:

  • Light vehicle: AED 400
  • Motorcycle: AED 265
  • Quad bike: AED 165
  • Heavy vehicle: AED 670
  • Light bus: AED 470
  • Heavy bus: AED 670
  • Light mechanical equipment: AED 470
  • Heavy mechanical equipment: AED 720
  • Classic vehicle: AED 840

The fees can vary according to the plate number type (AED 25 for short plate, AED 35 for long plate).

Renewing your vehicle's registration in Dubai

Registration renewal of your vehicle is relatively simple, and can usually be done in a single day. Don't worry, if you can't spare a day, there are actually companies here that will pick your vehicle up and do it all for you!

If it's a second hand car you're buying from a private seller that needs re-registering, then the seller should be present at the time.

You'll need the following documents for the registration renewal:

  • Vehicle’s existing registration card,
  • Vehicle’s insurance certificate, and
  • Vehicle’s test clearance certificate.

You may also need your Emirates ID Card, passport and/or your residence visa.

For a full guide on how to renew your car registration in Dubai, see our page here.