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Adopt a Cat and TNR in Dubai: About Kittysnip

The registered non-profit animal welfare group works to TNR cats, and find homes for kitties

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20 February 2019

Last updated on 20 February 2019
by Rebecca Roberts
Kitty Snip in Dubai - cat adoption and TNR

Hundreds, if not thousands, of cats are homeless, stray or lost in Dubai and across the UAE.

Rescue groups and animal shelters in Dubai work tirelessly to help re-home or find foster homes for cats where they are able to. But the reality is that unfortunately, there just aren't enough homes for all the cats on the stress here.

Whilst your first instinct may be to feed and care for a homeless cat or group of cats in Dubai, remember that they needn't be fed every day. Providing water and food every other day or so should be enough.

However to really help the population of stray cats in Dubai, the best thing to do - if you can afford to do so - is to trap, spay/neuter and release the animal to the original location you found it. This process is also know as TNR (trap, neuter and release).

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TNR programmes are ran in various communities across the city - places like The Springs and Meadows have their own dedicated team of residents who are dedicated to TNR'ing cats in the areas.

On the other hand, you have animal organisations like Kittysnip. They're a registered, non-profit animal welfare group that work hard to TNR cats, plus they arrange adoptions for abandoned and neglected cats across Dubai.

Who are Kittysnip in Dubai?

Kittysnip is a registered organisation in 2016 - under the provision of EAWS - and works to neuter over 50+ cats per month across the city. They also take ill and injured cats for medical treatment. From January 2018 to October 2018, Kittysnip neutered over 425 cats alone, and every weekend they hold adoption days for residents to attend who are wishing to adopt a cat in Dubai.

The group is a member of Emirates Animal Welfare Society (EAWS), which is the only licensed and registered animal welfare society in the UAE. The group fall directly under Major General Dr Nasser Lakhrebani Al Nuaimi, Chairman of the Security, Justice & Safety Committee and the Executive Council, Abu Dhabi.

How can you help Kittysnip?

Currently, the organisation is currently trying to raise funds to address their monthly vet bills, which range between AED 35,000 - AED 45,000 - plus they're recruiting new volunteers, finding foster homes and desperately seeking donations of cat food.

Get in touch with Kittysnip in Dubai

If you have found an abandoned or lost cat in need of help, or you're seeking some guidance on the TNR process - just get in touch with the Kittysnip team by emailing [email protected] or [email protected]

You can also follow their team on Facebook and Instagram.