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What to Do if the UAE Al Hosn App Isn't Working Properly

Facing some technical trouble with the UAE Al Hosn App? Here are some common issues and how to fix them

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13 June 2021

Last updated on 13 January 2022
What to Do if the UAE Al Hosn App Isn't Working Properly

The UAE's Al Hosn App has become a necessity for all resident expats and citizens.

This free app lets us view and manage our PCR test results, Covid-19 vaccination records, and alerts us when we come in close contact with a positive case.

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As of May 2021, UAE residents will also need to prove they are vaccinated against Covid to access certain venues and attend public events in Dubai.

In Abu Dhabi, residents will need to show their vaccination status to visit hotels, shopping malls, cinemas, restaurants, and parks.

But the app is still an app, and as with all things digital, some users are bound to encounter some technical problems here and there.

If you're experiencing some technical difficulties while using the Al Hosn app, here's a quick guide on the most common issues users are having and how to fix it.

1. Covid test result or vaccination status isn't showing properly

One of the most common issues users have is that the app isn't displaying their latest PCR test result. When this happens, their status colour in the app turns grey. You will need to present a colour green status to be granted access to public events and to certain venues in the UAE.

In other cases, one's vaccination status is not displayed in the Al Hosn app. There are also users who have received both doses but the app is only showing their first dose, or just their second dose.

Al Hosn app issues

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If this is happening to you, try resolving the issue through the following:

  • Update the Al Hosn app on your phone to the latest version.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the app.
  • It may be a glitch in the app, which may be resolved in the next app update.
  • Seek guidance by calling 800 HOSN (4676) (if you're in Dubai) or SEHA 80050 (if you're in Abu Dhabi).

2. I'm not a UAE resident, can I open an account on Al Hosn?

If you're a temporary visitor in the UAE, you are still advised to use the Al Hosn app so you can enter public events, access certain places, and exit the country with ease.

As you don't have an Emirates ID, you can use your unified number (UID) listed on your visit visa to open an account.

3. The app says my number is not registered

In other instances, users are unable to open their records on the Al Hosn app due to the "wrong credentials." This is likely because the mobile number listed in the app is incorrect or outdated

If this is happening to you, try resolving the issue through the following:

  • When you take a PCR test or your vaccine, give your most recent and in-use mobile number. This often resolves the issue as staff will update the number on the system.
  • The outdated number could be tied to your Emirates ID, and will need to be updated. You can change this through the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship website for an AED 50 fee.

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Al Hosn app issues and how to fix

4. The app isn't showing I'm exempt from taking a Covid vaccine

Certain groups of people in the UAE are exempt from getting vaccinated against Covid. If you fall under any of the following categories, you are exempt:

  • Those positive for Covid-19
  • Children under 12 years old
  • Pregnant women
  • UAE residents previously infected with Covid-19
  • Those who received their coronavirus vaccinations outside the UAE
  • Anyone allergic to vaccines or any of their ingredients, as evaluated through a medical professional
  • People with medical conditions that may "conflict with the vaccine"

To get the colour green status in your app, you will need to apply for the exemption. Otherwise, the green status will not be displayed in your app.

How to get an exemption on the Al Hosn app in Dubai

  1. Visit the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention website and complete the form here.
  2. You will then be informed by SMS if your application for exemption was approved.
  3. Once granted approval, the exemption will automatically show in the Al Hosn app.
  4. How to get an exemption on the Al Hosn app in Abu Dhabi

    If you're in Abu Dhabi, you can get an exemption through a health evaluation from a Seha doctor.

    After assessment, the doctor will submit their request and the medical report to health authorities for approval. If it's successful, the exemption will automatically show in the app.

Issues with UAE Al Hosn app and how to fix them

5. I lost my number and can't sign in to Al Hosn app

If you lost your UAE mobile number and you're unable to sign in to the UAE Al Hosn App, try this:

  • When you take a new PCR test or your vaccine dose, give the nurse your new UAE mobile number. This may resolve the issue as the medical staff will update your record's number on the system.
  • Alternatively, try reaching out to 800 HOSN (4676) (for Dubai), SEHA 80050 (for Abu Dhabi), or email [email protected] and ask them to email your vaccine record or PCR test results.