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5 Back to School Pests and How to Avoid Them in Dubai

Don’t let pests invade your back to school season! Here are tips for a pest-free school year in Dubai.

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3 September 2018

Last updated on 19 January 2020
5 Back to School Pests and How to Avoid Them in Dubai

Another hot summer just flew by, and now it’s time to get the kids ready for school! That back to school feeling is an exhilarating mix of excitement and anxiousness. With all the preparations that parents must make, and while kids are getting ready for a fresh academic year, pests are the last thing on their mind. These are certain pests, however, that spread in schools just as students are returning to class, and you need to be aware of.


These tiny and highly contagious insects feed on blood from your scalp and cause insane itchiness. Contracting lice has nothing to do with cleanliness. Outbreaks of lice in schools are often widespread because they are easily transferred from child to child, especially during play time.

Tip: Tell your children that sharing is great, but they should keep hats, brushes, and hair ties to themselves!


Ants would love to enjoy your children’s yummy snacks at schools. When kids eat together and crumbs fall everywhere, ants will be sure to make an appearance and will dive into your child’s lunchbox when accessible. They can be brought easily to your home.

Tip: Keep all food in sealed containers, and clean out your child’s lunchbox every night.

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Fruit Flies

These small flies are likely to come for the snacks and food kids leave behind. Fruit flies are very small and very interested in any fruit that is left out. They can easily pass along bacteria and pathogens, so prevention is key.

Tip: Put your child’s snacks in zip lock bags and ask your child to throw away half-eaten food rather than putting it back in the lunchbox.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are the hitchhiker bugs and think they are always invited to establishments such as schools, day-cares, colleges and universities. They can attach themselves to clothing and bags and they may even travel to and from school with the students.

Tip: Try to minimize the items your children bring to school with them. If you know of a student who may have bed bugs, check your children when they arrive home for any signs.

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Finding cockroaches in schools is very common. Considering the amount of traffic that circulates through these facilities on a daily basis, cockroaches can easily make their way into the premises by traveling with the personal belongings of both students and staff from an infested home.

Tip: Make sure children don’t keep any leftovers in their lunchboxes and always clean your sink after washing them.

Let the experts help!

Pests have creative ways of ruining your peaceful home and lifestyle. If you are too busy with back to school preparations to take care of your pest problems, or even if you want to take preventive measures so you don’t have to deal with the nightmare of an infestation, let the Boecker® team handle it.

Our team of professionals will make your back to school experience a little less stressful. If homework is not the only thing your children are bringing back from school, you need to solve the problem quickly before it spreads.



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