Dubai Weather Forecast for NYE 2018/2019 |

Clear Skies and Cool Temperatures for New Year's

All those celebrating and enjoying the fireworks should be able to see clearly, but maybe wear a jacket

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31 December 2018

Last updated on 31 December 2018
by Rebecca Roberts
Weather forecast in Dubai for NYE and NYD

Clear skies and cool temperatures expected for New Year's in the emirate

Heading out to watch the New Year's Eve fireworks in Dubai? You're in luck...

If you're celebrating tonight in Dubai by enjoying one of the many NYE firework displays, then you should expect great views all round as clear skies are expected.

But be warned - temperatures are due to drop to as low as 13°C in parts of the city throughout the night, so if you are heading out... Grab a coat!

As per the weather bulletin from the National Center of Meterology (NCM), New Year's revellers should expect clear skies along the coast of Dubai - with a small probability of mist forming over some internal areas of the UAE.

But for those of you braving the crowds to witness the famous Burj Khalifa fireworks, no fog or mist should obstruct your view as forecasts expect clear skies. Nor should anyone witnessing the Burj Al Arab, Atlantis The Palm's, Dubai Festival City Mall or Global Village fireworks be left disappointed.

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For January 1st, the weather is expected to remain pleasant - as the NCM has forecast fair to partly cloudy in general which should continue for the remaining days of this week.

In Abu Dhabi, expect temperatures as low as 15°C when celebrating New Year's this evening - and if you're in Sharjah, expect to see a similar low, too.

Happy New Year from us!

No matter how or where you're celebrating New Year's, keep wrapped up if outside and enjoy welcoming in the new year with your loved ones!