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Expo 2020 Will Show How Far the Next-Gen Health Tech Has Come

The use of virtual reality, wearable technology, 3D printing, and more will be showcased

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2 September 2019

Last updated on 2 September 2019
Expo 2020 Will Show How Far the Next-Gen Health Tech Has Come

10 dedicated conferences will showcase the latest in medical innovation

These conferences will be held at the expo site's Dubai Exhibition Centre, in collaboration with Medetarian Conferences Organising, a Dubai-based medical conference and health events company.

Ten conferences will shine a spotlight on the next-generation healthcare technology with panels presenting and discussing robotics, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, 3D printing, and more.

Najeeb Al Ali, Executive Director of the Expo 2020 Dubai Bureau, said that the events " ...will serve as an invaluable addition to the UAE’s medical landscape."

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The news comes after it was announced that a fully equipped, state of the art medical response centre was opened for the massive event.

"Olympic quality" emergency healthcare will be available

From its construction to the event itself, Expo 2020 is determined to put safety first. According to Expo organisers and doctors, an "Olympic" standard emergency centre is available onsite to meet the health and emergency demands of a projected 25 million visitors.

The medical centre is equipped with an emergency care room, recovery room with five beds, ambulance, isolation room, helicopter pad, and has been in operation since November 2018. Expo 2020 officials said that the healthcare facility is fully prepared to deal with any medical emergencies that may happen during the event.

The health and wellbeing of over 40,000 construction workers are already being cared for by the centre's staff, and they are ready to meet any medical situations that may arise during the 6-month long world fair.

Dr. Rob Cooling, Vice President of Health, Safety, and Environment at Expo 2020 Dubai, told The National, "In the last few weeks nearly 500 workers have been going through health screening here, we are looking at blood sugar levels, dental checks, eye examinations and similar initiatives will continue right up until the end of the event."

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A range of preventative measures has also been put in place.

According to Dr. Cooling, it's impossible to find a similar healthcare facility on any other construction site in the UAE.