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3 Simple Ways to Pest-Proof Your Home before Going on Holiday

Here are tips to make sure that you don't come back from your vacation to a pest-infested home

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1 July 2018

Last updated on 19 January 2020
3 Simple Ways to Pest-Proof Your Home before Going on Holiday

Are you going on vacation and leaving your house empty for few days or weeks? And you don’t want to come back home to find pest infestation?

Here are some important tips to follow:

Clean up

Do a thorough cleaning before you leave your house. You should wipe off surfaces, clean the kitchen and remove all the garbage. Don’t leave your food out and conduct a walk-through of eating areas and food storage locations before leaving to make sure dry products and cooking supplies are stored properly.

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Repair leaks and drains

Fix any leaky faucet or dripping pipes as this might cause moisture, especially standing water that attracts pests.

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Seal up cracks and crevices

Inspect all the corners in your home, look for any openings in external walls, foundations, door frames, windows and roofing. Insects and rodents can sneak into homes through tiny holes for food, water and shelter. Seal any crack before leaving.

These preventive measures will help you ensure that you don’t have unwelcome occupants when you return after your relaxing vacation.

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