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Back to School in Dubai - The Ultimate Guide for Parents

Let us help you prepare for the new academic year with our complete guide to back to school in Dubai

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10 August 2019

Last updated on 21 August 2019
by Rebecca Roberts
Back to school in Dubai guide for parents

The new school term is just around the corner...

Between settling back in after your summer vacation, shopping for school supplies and preparing your child for routine once again, you're probably feeling a little dazed, mama.

It's perfectly normal though, and remember - you're not alone! In fact, thousands of parents are currently preparing their homes and families for the new school year that starts September 1.

To help ease the stress, we've been working hard to find the best professional advice for you, as well as useful items for your mini-me like school bags, supplies, and electronics.

So without further ado, here are all of our guides in one place for you!

1. We've scoured the Internet to find you the 7 best educational gadgets that help make learning fun for kids.

2. And for the big kids in the family, here are 12 dormitory must-haves all students need when heading off to university.

3. Thinking of homeschooling in Dubai? It's a popular choice amongst parents, so let our guide help you get started.

4. Equip your kid with one of the best laptops for school and university students for 2019.

5. Shop from our top picks of the 20 best school bags you can currently buy on

Back to school in Dubai guide for parents

6. A selection of super cool, fun yet functional school bags and backpacks that even we're envious of as adults.

7. We've found all of the best online UAE websites with delivery options for easy back to school shopping.

8. Here are 6 back-to-school health tips for parents to help avoid new-term sniffles and bugs.

Back to school in Dubai guide for parents

9. How can we raise eco-conscious children? Here's how you can help your child learn about saving the planet and how to start.

10. Learn how children can explore and expand their education through play, thanks to expert advice from Best Kidz Nursery.

Back to school in Dubai guide for parents

11. Here's a BIG list of school supplies to help parents get organised - with a free printable included for download, too!

12. Embrace the new academic year and start learning Arabic with your children with these courses at the Arabic Language Center.

13. Lastly... In case you were wondering when your next holiday is (no shame, don't worry) here's the full academic year for 2019-2020 released by the KHDA.