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Nursery Schools in Oman

If you're looking for a nursery for your little one, here's an overview of nurseries in Oman and a list of the ones available in t

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17 July 2013

Last updated on 15 June 2017
Nursery Schools in Oman

There is a lot of choice for nursery schools in Oman, although facilities and standards do vary quite a bit. Fees are also very varied, so making the right choice for you and your budget is important. Take the time to have a look round your shortlist of nurseries before making a decision. The popular nurseries quite often have waiting lists so get your child’s name put down as soon as possible.

Some nurseries take children from 6 months and usually only open in the mornings. There is flexibility in how many days per week your child can attend in case you do not want to send your child full time yet.

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There are various teaching styles in the nurseries in Oman- some are very structured and some are more focused on play as learning so shop about till you find the one that you prefer. Also take into consideration the child to teacher ratio, staff qualifications and if there are any extra services provided like for example meals and transport.

The best advice we can give is to do as much research as possible, ask all those niggly questions, take a tour of the nursery and go with your gut instinct- you know what is right for your child.

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List Of Nursery Schools in Oman

Art of Living Nursery and Al-Atheer - Kindergarten
Tel: 24 613 130 OR 24 494 411

American British Academy (ABA) - Kindergarten
Tel: 24 603 646

Al Shumus Nursery
Tel: 24 561 871

Al Zumurrud Montessori Kindergarten
Tel: 92 285 849

American International School
Tel: 24 600 374

Bright Beginnings
Tel: 24 699 387

British School - Nursery
Tel: 24 600 842

Indian Nursery Al Khuwair
Tel: 24 605 662

Indian Nursery Darsait
Tel: 24 707 978

Indian Nursery Al Ghubrah
Tel: 24595 224

Kids World Nursery
Tel: 99 25 44 55

Little Flowers Nursery
Tel: 24 703 317 / 694 020

Madinat Al Aftaal Nursery
Tel: 24 601 609

Oasis Kindergarten
Tel: 24 691 348

TLC (Teaching and Learning Communities)
Tel: 99 381 458

Tender Buds Nursery
Tel: 24 691055