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8 Questions Everyone Living in Oman Has Asked At Least Once

No matter how long you've lived in Oman, there are some questions everyone heard at least once. Here are some you'll find familiar

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10 January 2017

Last updated on 11 November 2019
8 Questions Everyone Living in Oman Has Asked At Least Once

Ever heard or said these questions while in Oman? That's a sign you've been living here long enough...

Oman has welcomed people from all over the world. But no matter where you’re from, there are some things that every resident experience regardless of their background.

Every great country still has its quirks. Whether you’ve been here for a few months or many years, you probably said or heard most of these questions while in Oman at least once!

1. Are you going to be there in real 5 minutes or Omani 5 minutes?

Everyone knows when you say you're almost there, it means you're really just starting to get ready.


2. Why is Al Fair called Spinney’s too?

A lingering thought since the day you found out they're the same company...

Confused reaction

3. How long have you been in Oman?

With so many expats in the country, this is just a normal part of any new social interaction.

New expat

4. How fast is your internet?

The struggle is real...

Slow internet

5. Inshallah? "Inshallah."

When you've lived in Oman long enough, you might find yourself using the word inshallah a lot.


6. How much to *destination*?

That's usually followed by "Nooo, that's way too much!"

Taxi prices

7. "Hellohowareyoufine?”

You'll hear this combined chunk of English from the Omani taxi drivers who might try to lure unsuspecting expats into their cab and charge ridiculous fares.


8. Is it okay to park like that?

You might spot the double or trip parking mayhem outside busy mosques and crowded events, where the parking lot spills out into the surrounding streets and sidewalks.

Are we there yet