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Expat Kids Will Now Get Resident Cards In Oman

Expat children of all ages that reside in the Sultanate of Oman are now eligible for resident cards

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7 October 2018

Last updated on 27 December 2018
Resident Cards Oman

Confirmed by the Royal Oman Police, expat children of all ages can now obtain the residential cards in Oman.

Previously, only children aged five years and above could apply for these ID cards in Oman but now all children are eligible to apply.

The Royal Oman Police confirmed this move that will help facilitate the service for the beneficiaries and make it easier to finish transactions and access to systems around Oman, including the e-gate system at the Muscat International Airport.

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Oman’s Expatriates Residency Law makes it mandatory for expats to get a residency card for their children once they turn 15 years old – but now expats in the Sultanate of Oman can apply for one earlier.

Article 42 states that residents in Oman must obtain the ID card before the age of 15 years old - this is mandatory for males and optional for females.

And parents will need to pay OMR20 every year to renew these expat ID cards to make sure they have not expired for longer than a month.

Expatriates in Oman

Expats that reside in the Sultanate of Oman make up a significant portion of the country’s workforce – almost 44.2% of the entire Omani population is expatriates, which comes in close to 2,054,464 expats.

While Oman nationals make up only 2,597,795 of the country’s population – almost 55.8%

Oman’s city breakdown

Expats are dispersed in the following cities in Oman

  • Muscat – 922,309 expats
  • Dhofar – 235,104 expats
  • Al Batinah North – 270,149 expats
  • Al Batinah South – expats
  • Dakhiliyah – 120,798 expats
  • North Sharqiyah – 103, 504 expats
  • South Sharqiyah – 109, 824 expats
  • Dhahirah – 64,604 expats
  • Buraimi – 57,398 expats
  • North Musanda, - 15,461 expats
  • Wusta – 23,342 expats

Majority of expats live in the city of Muscat, while North Musanda has the least amount of expats in the governate.