All About End of Service Benefits in Oman: Guide for Expats |

All About End of Service Benefits in Oman: Guide for Expats

Wondering what end of service benefits you're entitled to as an expat in Oman? Read on...

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6 July 2020

Last updated on 6 July 2020
All About End of Service Benefits in Oman: Guide for Expats

This guide is applicable to employees working in private sector companies in Oman.

According to Oman's Labour Law, expat employees who intend to leave a company are entitled to receive a specific set of end of service benefits. These benefits are provided as a token of appreciation for the employee's efforts and dedication to the company.

The end of service benefits are given following an individual's termination of employment contract.

Here is everything you need to know about the end of service benefits in Oman.

What is included in the end of service benefits?

End of service benefits in Oman vary per employee and company.

Upon termination of employment, your benefits include:

  • 1. Gratuity owed to an employee

This is calculated based on the amount of time you've spent working for your employer. To calculate your gratuity, see below.

For example, if you worked for your employer for a period of three years, then you will receive 15 days of basic salary for every year served. Thus, it will be 45 days in total for the first three years, and then from the fourth year and onwards, you will be given a full month's basic salary for every year served.

  • 2. Unused and unpaid benefits

An employee in Oman may also be entitled to other end of service benefits that is not just gratuity. If there is any unpaid salary that is due, then the pending amount can be added to the end of service benefit.

All About End of Service Benefits in Oman: Guide for Expats

Employees can ask for compensation to replace unused annual leave as well.

Other entitlements may also be available to an employee on completion of his or her job, which should be listed as part of their employment contract.

  • 3. Certificate of experience

As per Oman's Labour Law, employees who will leave a company are also entitled to receive a letter of experience or certificate of experience from their employers. This document can be used by the ex-employee to help themselves find work in the future. Companies are bound by law to produce this certificate.

The certificate must explain his or her position, remuneration, and performance to the advantage of the employee.

Even if an employer possesses a hostile or negative opinion/review of the employee, they are not allowed to put anything in the document that will create a disadvantage to the employee.

Who can receive end of service benefits?

Regardless of whether you are on a short-term, fixed-term, long-term contract, or indefinite ones, employees in Oman are entitled to receive their end of service benefits.

As long as you have served for a period of at least one year, then under any kind of employment contract you are still entitled to receive your gratuity.