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Where to Donate Secondhand Items in Oman

Got some clothes, books, household goods, etc. collecting dust at home? Here's a list of charities where you can donate secondhand items in Oman

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27 January 2023

Last updated on 8 May 2023
Where to donate secondhand clothes and house items to charity in Oman

Where to donate your pre-owned items in Oman to help families and individuals in need.

In a country like Oman where expats come and go, with homes being moved into and out, there are a lot of unwanted furniture, clothes, books, and other household items every year.

Instead of hauling your old family cabinet down to the waste disposal, or throwing your old clothes in the bin, consider donating it. If you're wondering where to donate secondhand items in Oman, there are several non-profit organisations that can help take your stuff off your hands.

Here's how to donate secondhand items in Oman!

1.) Dar Al Atta donation boxes

Cut the clutter at home and donate used clothes in Oman through any of the Dar Al Atta donation boxes places across the sultanate.

Dar Al Atta is an established charity organisation in Oman that was founded in 2002, and has since then been dedicated to helping families in country.

While we haven't tried it ourselves, expats on local forums have said their offices may also accept secondhand books, furniture, and electronics. We recommend calling ahead to be sure on +968 24 222885

How to donate secondhand items in Oman

2.) Omani Paws

Omani Paws is a local animal rescue in Muscat that accepts used clothes, furniture, accessories, and other household items that you may be interested in getting rid of. The all-volunteer, foster-based rescue organisation uses the donated items to help raise funds for the upkeep of their operations.

Visit their Facebook group for more information:

Where to donate used clothes, furniture and other household items in Oman

3.) Aonk app

The Aonk app (available on the App store and Play store), is a mobile app launched by The Ministry of Social Development, in cooperation with Al Khaireya al Shamla Company, that helps people donate items to charities in Oman.

Those looking to donate used items in Oman can download the app on their phone and choose from a list of volunteer teams and charity organisations affiliated with the Ministry of Social Development.

You won't have to physically travel to drop off your donations. Simply provide your contact details and address through the app, and someone will come to collect the items.

They accept donations including used clothes, shoes, books, furniture, and electronics.

Where to donate in Oman