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10 Stages of Trying to Find Parking in Oman

The parking situation in Oman is horrible and a real struggle every time you go out. Here are relatable things you go through!

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20 March 2017

Last updated on 5 July 2017
10 Stages of Trying to Find Parking in Oman

Oman might have many great things about it, but parking is definitely not one of them! The parking situation is a big problem in the capital and it’s a source of struggle for many every time they go out.


While it might be frustrating at the time, it’s good to find humour in things you can’t do much about.

Here are some thoughts you likely have when looking for parking!

1. The preparation

I don’t have to be there for another hour and a half, but I should probably leave now so I can find a parking space.


2. Bracing yourself

Just when you’ve reached the parking lot, you cross your fingers and hope there’s an empty spot.

Fingers crossed

3. False hope

Your eyes lighten up when you think you’ve found a parking spot right away, but then you see there’s a motorcycle in it.

False hope

4. The disbelief

How heartless do you have to be to take up two parking spots?!

Throwing a fit

5. Power struggle

If I was in charge, you would get a fine… and you… everyone gets a fine!

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Everyone gets one

6. The shock

You did NOT just steal my spot!

Oh no you didn't

7. The bewilderment

Some people have no idea how to park, it's a mystery how they even passed their driving test.

Trouble parking

8. The annoyance

After all this struggle and you still have to pay for parking…

On a  budget

9. Giving up

When you start to wonder why you even left your house…

Giving up

10. The relief

Finally finding a spot and being the first to put your blinker on gives you an odd sense of satisfaction.

Happy and relieved

10 Stages of Trying to Find Parking in Oman