Cyclone Luban Is Now Classified As Category One |

Cyclone Luban Is Now Classified As Category One

Residents in Oman are advised to take caution after police issue 6th warning about cyclone Luban

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14 October 2018

Last updated on 27 December 2018
Cyclone Luban

News broke out a week ago about a cyclone making its way to Oman’s border and residents were advised to be cautious of heavy rain and strong winds.

Making its way from Dhofar to Salalah, cyclone Luban has been issued as a category one tropical storm by the Public Authority for Civil Aviation in Oman.

Cyclone Luban has been recorded almost 250 kilometers from Salalah and travelling at winds speeds of up to 45-55 knots.

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Residents in Dhofar and Salalah have been warned to take precautions and avoid traveling in low lying areas and wadis in the country.

And residents have been warned to stay clear of costal sea areas and the wind and sea levels are moving at dangerous speeds.

Schools in Dhofar have been temporarily closed since the start of the cyclone in the Arabian Sea, but will resume once the storm has passed.

Precautions have been set in place to avoid any casualties such as the previous cyclone Mekunu, which took the lives of 11 people in the Sultunate of Oman.

The conditions seen in the videos below show the extent of cyclone Luban in Oman.

What is a category one storm?

Category one hurricanes are classified as tropical cyclones that have a maximum sustained wind speeds of at least 119 km/hr.

The highest and more threatening classification of a storm is category five – reaching speeds of more than 251 km/hr.