Oman Officials Warn Of Tropical Storm In 48 Hours |

Oman Officials Warn Of Tropical Storm In 48 Hours

Make sure to stay indoors and tell your loved ones to stay safe as a tropical storm will hit the coasts of Oman in the next 48 hours….

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7 October 2018

Last updated on 7 October 2018
Tropical Storm

Oman has witnessed a number of tropical storms in due to its location in the Gulf.

But now officials have issued a warning to the residents in the country about a tropical storm that has already begun near the Arabian sea off the coast of Oman that will only get more intense.

The Public Authority for Civil Aviation’s MET department in Oman has issued this warning.

“National Multi-Hazard Early Warning Centre’s weather analysis and charts observed the formation of a tropical depression southeast of the Arabian Sea on Oct. 6, with maximum average wind speed around 17 to 27 knots (31-50km/hr).”

It is expected to continue heading west of the Sultanate in the next 48 hours – so expect to feel strong winds and heavy rain.

Oman’s stormy past

Oman had previously witnessed a tropical cyclone called Mekunu, which left 40 people missing and 30 confirmed deaths and wrecked many houses in the country.