Replacing a Damaged Driving Licence |

Replacing a Damaged Driving Licence

If your Omani driving licence has been damaged, there are steps you can take to replace it.

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18 July 2013

Last updated on 2 July 2017
Replacing a Damaged Driving Licence

This service is for people who wish to replace their Omani driving licence because it has been damaged and cannot be used.

Process steps
1. A form of a damaged driving licence shall be filled in with 2 photos.
2. The damaged licence shall be attached.
3. Dept. checks data of lost licence with the database.
4. The officer enters the data in the computer system and collects fees.
5. Licence is issued and handed over to the applicant.

List of forms and procedures required:
1. The applicant must appear in person at the officer’s desk.
2. If the damaged licence is expired, the applicant shall have an eye test.

What documents are needed to process
1. ID Card or a passport for Omani nationals.
2. An original and a copy of Residence card for expatriates.

Special conditions if any applicable
1. If the expiration of the licence is less than 2 years, the fees of renewal shall be paid.
2. If the expiration of the licence is 2 years or more, full fees shall be paid.

How long will it take
Transaction will be finalized in (15 - 20) minutes and the application form costs OMR0.200. If the damage is due to bad printing or laminating of the licence by the authorities then the cost to replace it is OMR1, however if the damage was due to negligence by the owner then the cost is OMR20 for a light vehicle licence.