How to Get Married in Oman |

How to Get Married in Oman

If you’re an expat considering tying the knot in Oman, here’s what you should expect.

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22 June 2017

Last updated on 2 July 2017
How to Get Married in Oman

It’s not too common for expats to get married in Oman. Most expats choose to go back to their home countries where their loved ones are. However, if you prefer getting married here, there are several options available to you.

Both the bride and groom have to be residents of Oman in order to get married there. Keep in mind that while you can have a wedding reception at the venue of your choice, you can't do the same with the ceremony (ie ceremony on the beach). 

Christian marriages

There are both Catholic and Protestant churches in Muscat (Ghala and Ruwi) as well as Protestant churches in Sohar and Salalah. Couples are advised to get in touch with the pastor or priest for an appointment.

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Both the bride and groom must provide a copy of their passport and visa. Both partners are also required to show proof of their marital status. This can simply be a letter from their embassy. If you are widowed or divorced, you have to provide documents proving so.

Four witnesses, two from each side, have to be present at the wedding ceremony. The church normally requires a month’s notice prior to the ceremony. Premarital counselling is also strongly recommended by the church.

Church marriage

The newlyweds will need to have their marriage certificate attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and by their respective embassies.

For Catholics, original baptism certificates are required as well as a No Objection Certificate from your priest which confirms that you haven’t been married in a church before.

Couples should take into account that there will be a declaration of their intent to marry that will be posted on the church’s public noticeboard for a specific period. This allows anyone who objects to the marriage to come forward.

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Hindu marriages

Hindus are able to get married at the Shiva Temple, the Darsait Temple or at the Indian Embassy. Expats are encouraged to contact the Indian embassy for more information on how to proceed.

Muslim marriages

Muslims can simply apply for marriage at the Sharia Court in Wattayah. Two Muslim witnesses are required to be present. 

Everyone involved should have their passports and copies of it with them. Couples should expect that the marriage might happen immediately.


Non-religious marriages

There are no civil marriages in Oman. However, if you are unable to get married in a church, mosque or temple, then you might be able to get married at your embassy. Expats should contact their respective embassies to find out more.

Registering the marriage

Once you are married, you will need to register your marriage at the Department of Notary Public in Al Khuwayr within maximum a month.

To register it, you will need:

  • A completed application form
  • The marriage notification from the Ministry of Justice
  • If an Omani is marrying a foreigner, they will need an approval letter from the Ministry of Interior

Registration can be done by either the husband, the wife or their fathers.