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Teach In Oman

Being a teacher in Oman can bring a variety of advantages to you and your family with a large portion of expenses being paid for.

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17 July 2013

Last updated on 15 June 2017
Teach In Oman

Teaching in Oman is a great way to experience life in the Middle East while earning a competitive, tax-free salary. Teaching positions in Oman range from Kindergarten, elementary, and secondary school positions at private international schools and private language schools. Most teaching jobs in Oman have a contract duration of 2 years.

Teachers in Oman can expect to make between $2,000 and $3,500 USD per month, tax-free. Most teaching jobs in Oman include furnished accommodations or accommodations at very low cost. As such, teaching in Oman can be a great way to save money. Other teaching benefits in Oman can include return airfare, medical insurance provided by the employer, paid vacation time, and allowances for transportation and tuition for dependants.

In public schools throughout Oman, English is taught as a second language beginning in fourth grade. Older students want to learn the language to travel abroad, better understand diverse cultures, and to pursue a higher education and secure desired jobs. The language is also used throughout the country’s service industry, and plays a key role in Oman’s modernization and national development.

Native-speaking English teachers are a rarity in Oman, so there is a constant demand for foreign teachers. Many schools offer attractive benefits for EFL teachers, including free housing, reimbursed airfare, and exceptional pay compared to living expenses. In fact, the typical English teacher’s salary is about double the cost of living, so it is possible for teachers to save a significant amount of money while exploring all that Oman has to offer!

There is an abundance of college’s and language schools in Oman who are searching for teachers. At the College and language school level, a college degree, and TESOL, CELTA, or DELTA certificate is required. Masters and PhD holders will find it easier to secure a job and the pay is slightly higher. Gulf teaching experience is also an advantage and in many cases, is just as important as an advanced degree. In addition, married couples and those with families are also encouraged to apply for Omani teaching positions.

Expect to teach at least 20 hours per week. Many teaching contracts in the Gulf area number around 20 hours in terms of in-class teaching. This may vary depending on the college. Some colleges also require student counseling, student activities, staff meetings, and office hours. Regardless of how many hours you teach each week, teachers are usually required to be on campus between 8-3pm.