The Hatta Hill Park is Hatta’s Best Kept Secret |

The Hatta Hill Park is Hatta’s Best Kept Secret

The Hatta Hill Park located over a mountain and it's great for picnics, barbecues, enjoying nature and staying active.

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4 May 2017

Last updated on 28 July 2019
The Hatta Hill Park is Hatta’s Best Kept Secret

We recently reported on the Hatta Hiking project following the completion of its first phase. It features 9km of trails surrounding some of the best tourist attractions the area has to offer.

To make the idea of going there even more appealing, a recent video by the Dubai Government was released showing the magnificent views of the Hatta Hill Park.


The park itself isn’t new, in fact it’s been there since 2009, but it’s not exactly known. The park is perfectly situated near the Hatta Dam and it makes for a great spot to spend some time outdoors, especially for families.

Here’s a look….

There are lots of green open areas to enjoy the nature, a playground to occupy the little ones and shaded huts where you can BBQ. It’s also a treat for anyone who loves to stay active since it has a running track, a football field and a basketball court.

There’s also a mountain walkway to enjoy. Once you reach the highest point of the mountain, there is a tower that you can climb up and get an amazing vantage point of the stunning Hajar Mountain range and the village. 

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There’s even a supermarket close by so in case you need any snacks or drinks!

To get to the park, it’s about a three and a half hour drive from Muscat or a one hour and a half drive from Dubai.