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Residents Warned of Fake Discounts While Shopping in Oman

Authorities warn Oman residents and visitors of fake shopping sales and promotions

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27 November 2019

Last updated on 27 November 2019
Shoppers Warned of Fake Discounts While Shopping in Oman

Oman customers are being lured into fake discounts and are unknowingly being ripped off

Shopping in Oman? Authorities advise residents and tourists to be wary during the shopping sale seasons.

The Oman Public Authority for Consumer Protection (PACP) warns that as many stores in the Sultanate begin to offer discounts and sales for the holidays, there are some shops attempting to make money off unsuspecting buyers by first artificially inflating their product prices and then offering what may be an attractive discount on those goods.

It would seem as though the customers are getting a fantastic deal with the marked down prices, but the price after the fake discount would often be much higher than its original value before the increased price.

The PACP has been cracking down on shops and shopkeepers who have tried or are trying to trick customers with fraud sales. Several shops have been closed in Oman due to these violations.

“We confirm that our committees do follow up on complaints of such offers and also follow up with the violating institutions, if any, to provide restitution to customers,” a representative official from PACP said to Times of Oman.

“Customers are welcome to send more details about these violations by sending the name of the shop and the details of the complainant.”

Fake shopping sales in Oman

Unfair and illegal practice

The PACP reminds all commercial and retail establishments in Oman to abide by the local Consumer Protection Law and all of its regulations in order to avoid any legal action taken against them.

Authorities conduct regular surprise checks and raids against shops that are suspected of carrying out manipulated sales and promotions.

In 2018, the PACP reported that 150 such violations were made by stores in Oman and another 137 violations were made by companies.

As per Omani law, the Royal Decree number 66/2014 says that misleading product and service prices are illegal.

Article 36 states" “In making discounts over the prices of goods and services, the supplier shall comply with the following: obtaining the approval of the concerned authority after coordination with the authority to ascertain the prices in accordance with the regulations determined by the authority, provide a list of the number of goods available for each type of discount, and declare in a clear line the sale price before and during the period of discounts, as well as the percentage discount offered, for each commodity.”

As the festive season draws close and expats in Oman rush to find holiday presents for friends and loved ones, be wary when you spot discounts and sales while shopping to avoid being scammed.