Phoenix Ladies: A Group for Expats Living in Oman |

Phoenix Ladies: A Group for Expats Living in Oman

A group for all expats in Oman to have a steamy cup of coffee, make new friends and learn tips about life here

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17 September 2017

Last updated on 18 September 2017
Phoenix Ladies: A Group for Expats Living in Oman

Establishing a new life in a foreign country is intimidating to the best of us. Where do you start with finding a good salon again, getting nitty gritty things that you know you absolutely need to get hold of and where on earth are you? You followed the directions exactly as Google Maps said!

And of course that feeling of ‘Where is your bestie with a good cuppa when you need her?’ Most probably half way around the globe where you left her…

Phoenix Ladies Group Oman

Stop and take a deep breath. The Phoenix Ladies Group in Oman is a great way to get out of the house and meet other expats that are in the same boat as you.

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They organise free events to provide a way for you to meet new people and extend your network of current friends. This is a central point to share experiences and learn about Oman and is especially useful for newcomers to Oman but the "old hands" are also welcome to provide advice to new arrivals.

Phoenix Ladies Groups Oman

They can help you with advice on accommodation, schools, medical centres, hobbies - in fact if you have any questions, or are searching for something in particular, they will do their best to find an answer for you. 

Do go and introduce yourself, especially if you are new to Oman. We were all new at some point and these ladies best understand the difficulties that you are facing.

Phoenix Mission Statement

Phoenix Ladies Oman is an informal group aimed at welcoming new members who have just arrived in this wonderful country, whilst continuing to support existing members.  All our get-togethers are purely designed to foster and strengthen friendships, whilst at the same time supporting local, legitimate businesses.

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Here's what some of the ladies had to say...

From finding new friends
I arrived in Oman knowing absolutely no one and was accommodated some distance from the centre of town. The day after our arrival, my husband went to work and I wondered what on earth I was going to do with myself. I was looking on line and found ExpatWoman which led me to the Phoenix Ladies group.  I emailed one of the ladies who invited me to a coffee morning and even came and picked me up.  Now 12 months later, I have a broad network of friends and am happy to be able to welcome newcomers as I was once welcomed.
- Beverley

To being welcomed and accepted
I was wondering what I was going to do in Oman when my husband was transferred.  I had always worked and knew I couldn’t work in Oman. I am from Pakistan and I knew there would be British ladies groups but I was not sure if I would be welcome there. I was very nervous the first time I attended a Phoenix morning tea but I need not have been. I was warmly welcomed and have many new friends of different nationalities.
- Adiba

Phoenix Ladies Group Oman

To ending loneliness
After arriving in Muscat, lock, stock and barrel from the UK where I was surrounded by my extended family, I suddenly found I was alone. I filled my days, at first, with unpacking. It often brought me to tears remembering who had given us the special item and wondering when I would see that person again. I was really lonely.

After getting my home straight, what was I to do? Like many other husbands, my husband worked long hours and sometimes 6 days a week. There is only so much cleaning, cooking and crafting you can do to fill your time. I went for a coffee and overheard some ladies chatting about Phoenix. I felt compelled to interrupt. Apologising profusely, asking what is Phoenix Ladies Group? They told me all about where the next coffee morning was to be held which I attended with some trepidation. I had never met such a friendly group of ladies. They greeted me with such warmth and kindness. That day was the end of my loneliness.
- Anne
If you would like to find out more about the The Phoenix Ladies Group, you can email them at [email protected]