Guide to Annual and Sick Leave Laws in Oman |

Guide to Annual and Sick Leave Laws in Oman

As an employee here, it’s important to familiarise yourself with your rights in regards to leave that you’re entitled to.

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22 June 2017

Last updated on 2 July 2017
Guide to Annual and Sick Leave Laws in Oman

Every employee in Oman is entitled to a certain amount of annual leave and sick leave days as per the Oman Labour Law. Here’s what the law says…

Annual leave

Once employees complete one year of service, they’re entitled to 15 days of annual leave with basic salary, which increases to 30 days for every year after that.

Employers need to pay employees for any annual leave that’s not taken, if the employee agrees to it. However, it’s mandatory for every employee to take at least two weeks once every two years.

Employees are also entitled to receive their basic salary for any remaining leave days once they leave the company.

Official holidays

Salaries should be paid normally during official holidays declared by the Minister. If an official holiday falls on the weekend, the employee should be compensated with another day. However, if there is an official holiday while the employee is on leave, there is no compensation owed.

If an employee is asked to work on an official holiday, then they’re entitled to gross salary plus 25 per cent or a rest day in lieu. 


Sick leave

Employees are entitled to a total of ten weeks in a year, continuous or separate. A medical certificate will be required and pay shall be as follows:

  1. First two weeks – employee receives gross salary
  2. Third and fourth weeks – employee receives three quarters of their gross salary
  3. The fifth and sixths weeks – employee receives half of their gross salary
  4. The seventh to tenth weeks – employee receives a quarter of their gross salary

It’s possible to add annual leave to sick leave.

Emergency leave

Every employee has the right to a four-day emergency leave with gross salary each year in emergency cases. This cannot be more than two days each time.

Special leave

In certain circumstances, employees are entitled to leave with gross salary. The possible cases are:

  • Marriage – three days
  • Death of close family members (wife, children, parents, grandparents and siblings) – three days
  • Death of second degree family members (aunts or uncles) – two days
  • Pilgrimage – 15 days, only once throughout all the period of service and only after completing one year of employment
  • Husband’s death of a Muslim female employee – 130 days

Proof of death will be required in the relevant cases.