Pet-Friendly Places in Oman |

Pet-Friendly Places in Oman

Though very limited, there are still some great public locations in Oman that allow dogs to roam

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19 December 2019

Last updated on 19 December 2019
Pet-Friendly Places in Oman

Here is a ruff guide to Oman's pet-friendly places.

Being a pet parent in Oman can be difficult, especially when you're looking for fun places to bring your dog to that will allow animals in the property. This makes dog ownership hard in Oman because there are no public parks or restaurants that permit dogs.

While there are no major dog restrictions in Oman, the unsaid rule is that dogs are not allowed to roam in public beaches, and owners are advised to walk their pets during the early mornings or late evenings.

This is attributed to how the general Omani population, as well as some expat residents, are usually frightened or uncomfortable with dogs. It's worth noting in order to limit your dog's contact with other people.

Though far and few in between, there are still some pretty great public areas in Oman that allows pets.

Alreem Desert Camp

This Bedouin-style village in Oman is a fantastic place to bring your pooch for a dog's day out.

Located in the quiet desert landscape of Sharqyia Sands outside Muscat, you'll find plenty of open space for your dog to roam and explore, 15 tents and mudrooms, and other cultural attractions that really illustrate the Omani Bedouins' lifestyle.

  • Location: Sharqyia Sands, Jalan Bani Bu Hasan, Muscat
  • Style: Desert camping hotel

Khasab Musandam Campsite

The Khasab Musandam Campsite lies on a beautiful beach with exciting water sports facilities on-site, offering desert camping tents with furnishings. If you want to bring your dog on a desert adventure away from the city, this campsite is a perfect pick for pups who enjoy some fun time in the water.

  • Location:Musandam, Khasab
  • Style: Desert camping hotel

Al Salam Camp

For the uptown pooch, look no further than Al Salam Camp. You'll find luxurious desert tents, air-conditioning, a private sun terrace, and a delicious continental breakfast served every morning to your tent.

  • Location:Bedyah, Waheeba Sands, Al Wasil
  • Style: Desert camping hotel

Dog-friendly hotels and resorts

As of publishing this guide, there are 22 pet-friendly hotels and resorts in Oman, ranging from luxurious stays to simple getaways. Some of these hotels have no pet fee, offer a special bed for your dog, and even welcome packages for your canine.

Canadian Jebel K9

Canadian Jebel K9 is Oman's only pet training centre and five-star pet resort. Dog experts offer a variety of training programs for new pet owners and classes to improve skills as well as pet behaviour.

For pawrents who are going away on a trip or vacation from Oman, you can also find boarding available for dogs.

  • Location:Al Rumays, Muscat
  • Contact:+968 9144 2822
  • Style: Dog training centre and resort
  • Website: