Oman Issues COVID-19 Guidelines for Private Workers |

Oman Issues COVID-19 Guidelines for Private Company Employees

The Oman Ministry of Manpower released a list of conditions that all private companies must follow, or risk a fine.

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21 June 2020

Last updated on 21 June 2020
Oman Issues Guidelines for Private Company Employees

The hygiene, social distancing, and public safety protocol for COVID-19 that all private employees should be aware of.

The Ministry of Manpower in Oman has announced a new rules and regulations that all private facilities, offices, and commercial buildings must follow to manage the Coronavirus. The list of conditions involves set fines of up to OMR 500 for violating any of these guidelines.

The instructions include mandatory face masks while at work, health and safety awareness posters against COVID-19, and the provision of hand sanitizers for all to use.

According to Article 3, the Ministry of Manpower and the competent authorities are responsible for controlling private sector establishments in case of any violations of the decisions issued by the committee, and they are entitled to take necessary measures to ensure private companies' compliance with the decisions of the Supreme Committee.

List of office violations and fines

Failure to follow Oman's latest health and safety precautions will lead to the following violations and fines:

  • Absence of an emergency plan to limit the spread of COVID-19: OMR 300 fine
  • Not wearing masks and providing a hand sanitizer: OMR 100 fine
  • Not having a thermometer: OMR 100 fine
  • Absence of signs of social distancing at the work site or workers' residence in various languages: OMR 100 fine
  • Absence of a special record for workers suspected of being infected with COVID-19: OMR 500 fine
  • Absence of security guards to monitor and record the entry and exit of workers and visitors from the workers' residence: OMR 500 fine

At the time of publishing, 905 new COVID-19 cases have been reported in Oman. 503 of the new patients are expats.

The total confirmed cases of Coronavirus in Oman is now 29,471, including 15,552 recoveries and 131 deaths.