Tourist Visa Fees Just Quadrupled in Oman |

Tourist Visa Fees Just Quadrupled in Oman

Visiting the country for a short-stay or even just crossing the border just got a little more expensive.

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24 April 2017

Last updated on 21 June 2017
Tourist Visa Fees Just Quadrupled in Oman

If you need a short-stay tourist visa to Oman, you’ll now have to pay four times what you used to. The price has gone up from OMR5 to OMR20.

However, with the higher price quote comes a lengthier stay. The OMR20 visa is valid for 30 days, instead of 10. The previous 10-day visa is no longer an option.


This change does not affect GCC residents. Those with a valid GCC residency visa on their passport will still pay OMR5 and it will be valid for 30 days. 

This change affects tourists from outside the region, but also has a significant impact on many individuals who do a border run from the UAE.
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Easier to obtain

There is some good news though. The Sultanate has also made changes to the visa procedures for certain nationalities. It is now possible for tourists from China, India, Iran and Russia to apply for e-visas online, making the process much easier.

Hotels with three, four or five-star ratings can now also submit tourist visa applications for guests booking with them.

To apply for an e-visa, simply go here>>

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Why the increase?

These changes come as part of the Ministry of Tourism’s efforts to increase tourism and revenues.  

The government spending is projected to be OMR11.7 billion this year, with OMR 8.7 billion in revenues, which means there will be a deficit of OMR3 billion.